Sunday, 2 June 2019

Cwm Prysor Viaduct apr 20 th

It is Easter weekend, and we have driven the van down to Dolgellau for the 4 day holiday.   I have decided to get up early tomorrow and drive up to Cwm Prysor viaduct which is about 20 minutes drive from the campsite.

Walking towards the viaduct , the view down the valley I have just driven up,  its quite warm and going to be a sunny day.  I passed an interesting bridge over a river on the way , with low mist it looked like a good location and I wish I had stopped as I passed, but will have a look on the way back later.

The path is the old railway track, now disused as this viaduct which was opened in 1882 closed in 1961.

                       I have reach the location, it is 105 ft high at its centre and 490 ft in length.

             Time to get the drone up in the air, this is a perfect subject to photograph from the air .

This is a 9 frame panorama showing the entire area , you can see where the railway continued along on the left side.

                                                                A 5 frame vertorama

                                                     Phone shot of the bridge arches.

Vertoramas really show the view, with the curved viaduct and the rail line snaking away down the valley.

                    9 frame panorama, which has emphasized the curvature of the bridge slightly.

                                Topdown over the Viaduct, love the shadows from the pillars.

That's the last image , now to go back for breakfast , but I will stop off at the location I passed on the way this morning.
Having found it , the river is very low with hardly any flow. taking a few quick images it clearly shows how low the water is .

Time to head back to the van now for pancakes :)

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