Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Precipice Walk April 21st

Time for an evening  along the Precipice walk , Dolgellau.  Sunset is in two hours so I need to get going quickly, its only 15 minutes drive from the campsite luckily.
From the car park the path winds through woodland before coming out to this view ………

                             Its looking like a stunning evening, and  very warm for April.

I will be flying the drone in multiple spots along the path which follows the valley down and around to eventually come to Llyn Cynwch.

                                                        A low altitude image first

                                       Up higher about 200ft for this 5 frame Vertorama.

        I have now walked a fair way around the path before taking this image, a 9 frame panorama.

          The low setting sun is producing lovely shadows and shows the contours of the landscape.

The sun is setting behind the hills to the right of this valley, the colour is starting to show now and the haze is being emphasised over the distant estuary.

The drone is up again, over the hill behind me , the light is fabulous and this 9 frame panorama shows the lake I will eventually arrive at.

                          The sun is just gone behind the hills,  this lone tree stands out nicely.

                                                             Another drone panorama .

        I have reached the end of the path, which gives a great view down to the Mawddach estuary.

                   Time to fly again , not sure how these images will come out …….

                                                           A couple of 9 frame panoramas

                            I don't really think either of those images work to well , never mind.
Time to quickly head along the path towards the lake, I still have about 40 minutes walk back to the car.

Llyn Cynwch is finally in view , there is no light now but as I walk around the shore the sky is starting to turn a lovely colour , time to get the drone up one last time.

I think this is my favourite image from this evening ,sky colour and nice layers in the mountains in the background.

Time to head back now ………...

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