Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rapeseed fields and Perch rock sunset april 10/11 th

Here are a couple of images of the only Rapeseed field I have found suitable for flying the drone, all the fields I photographed last year have not been planted this year unfortunately.

                A multi frame Vertorama (  vertical panorama )     beautiful early evening light .

Flying at about 30 ft to shoot this 9 frame panorama, any higher and the yellow carpet look is lost.

          The following evening I went down to Perch Rock lighthouse for a quick couple of images.

A couple of 6 frame Vertoramas , the sand bars are really looking good at the moment as the tide has scoured out the depth around them.

                  One with the lighthouse in as a comparison,  think I prefer the first one actually.

     One final image as my battery is getting very low, 6 frames merged ,i like how the ripples show.

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