Sunday, 30 June 2019

Scotland Holiday day 3 Glencoe,Three Sisters

Well,   its 5 am and I am up!  this never happens, and I have still missed Sunrise!    Arghhhhh  

Anyhow its only couple minutes walk to the waterfall, so lets see what I can shoot.  The answer is not much, there is very little water and I am standing on boulders which should be surrounded by cascading water.

The low sun is bathing  Stob Dearg in beautiful warm light , but the only waterfall I can find has a tree blocking the mountain!  

                                     5dsr  17-40L  1/6 th  second gave the best water movement.

Now I am standing in the middle of what should be the river , there is no water on the near side half which is were I needed it to shoot the classic image from here.    will  have to come back again  I guess.

The lovely light has nearly  gone now,  This is a better composition with the main waterfall.
                                                      0.3 second exposure for this one

                Time to put the drone up for a couple of images ,  this is a 9 frame panorama merge.

                                                             A second 9 frame image

                         Back at the van, what a great view .    Time for pancakes now .

Time to move on now,  the Seven Sisters viewpoint is the next stop on our way through Glencoe.
We stopped of just down the road at the waterfall viewpoint, but again there is not much water, so continue towards The Three Sisters viewpoint  not far from here.
The car park is almost full, packed with cars and coaches , even parked along the road side.  Time for flying .

                                                    A 15 frame manually shot panorama.

                              21 frame panorama , the Three Sisters on the left hand side.
          The light is flat and not much good , so that's enough   Next stop will be    No idea  ….

Driving down the Pass of Glencoe , we have come to a car park with a lovely looking valley behind.  Think it will be worth stopping here to go for a nice walk.   There is a walk to Signal Rock, supposed to have good views from the top.

                 It is really warm now, and we can get a bit of shade walking through the woods.

After a really nice walk , with some beautiful views we have reached Signal Rock.     o dear,  all the trees have grown up and obscured the views!

Continuing the walk we have taken a left turn and followed the path through the woods coming out in a small clearing, Mollster poses nicely.

               After passing a beautiful cottage we have come across this lake, what stunning views .

                    Walking back in the direction of the car park, I think  ………..

Found a nice clearing where I can take a short flight ,  straight up and I can see the cottage we passed earlier.

                                    Topdown , we are down there somewhere …….

                                                                A done shot from 8 ft high .

                                 Almost back to the van now,   crossing the river bridge.

We have now driven all the way up to Fort William , to have a look at the Neptunes Staircase.   a series of locks on the Caledonian canal leading into Loch Eil.

                 What a beautiful day in Scotland, turns out this is the warmest area of the country .

Like the line in a song - Baseball cap on backwards 

Leaving Fort William we are heading up towards  Dornie , to go over to the Isle of Skye tomorrow.  We had planned on staying tonight near Loch Cluanie,  we have parked up in the layby and I have put the drone up to get a few images of the beautiful valley we had just driven through.

Change of plan ,  we had originally decided to stay near Dornie at the Ardelve camp site , and that is where we are going to go now.   We can just turn up there and they come round early evening to book in.  we can top up with water before heading onto Skye now.  and the camp site is a couple minutes walk to the famous Eilean Donan Castle.  

40 minutes later , after driving through  some of the most stunning scenery I have seen , we are parked up overlooking  Loch Alsh , with the castle in sight.   The cloud has increased up here in the highlands, leaving the blue sky behind us, for now.

It is quite cloudy here , but its looking promising for a decent sunset later ……………….

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