Monday, 7 December 2015

Cornwall Holiday july 2015 Kynance Cove & Lizard Point

Our last day in Cornwall , the weather is looking superb again ,  so we are going right down the coast to Kynance Cove on the Lizard Peninsula.    It looks a beautiful area for a long walk :)

But first , 2 images from last night on Holywell beach , one looking down from the dunes and then a long exposure image from sunset.

                              Lee Big stopper filter used on this one to smooth out the water :)

Now to Kynance cove , after quite a long drive we arrive in the car park.  dogs are not allowed on the beach but since the tide is in that's not a problem. from images i have seen it look better photographed with the tide in .
                                              Our first sight of  Kynance Cove   WOW!

                     I can see why the tide needs to be in to reflect the blue sky,   Stunning!

      Steep steps down and just a small bit of beach left to get through without getting wet feet  lol

                                      Looking up the coast from the hillside above the cove.

                                                                     Good posing Mol :)

               Looking across the beach towards the car park which is over the other side of the hills.

We have now walked back , with Jan getting wet feet as a wave got her while crossing the even smaller piece of beach,  as the tide is fully in now :)    Ooops lol

                                                    Stunning view from up here :)

                                                                   A long exposure shot :)

                                                                       and another :)

 Looking towards Lizard point, a long way in the distance where we are going to walk to next.
                                                 long exposure gives a lovely effect .

 one last look back.

 Looking backwards , we are now walking to the most Southerly point in the uk , Lizard Point.

                Looks a long way still , my feet are hurting on these paths, i only have pumps on!

                                                              Stunning coastline here.

                                                      Is that it??????      hope so   lol

                                                     Lovely flowers along the cliff here :)

 We have finally arrived , my feet are killing.   should have put my walking shoes on , the tiny stones on the paths have killed me!

                                                   Chester is posing!   doesn't happen often :D

                                            Rubbish posing for the "Holywell Horrors"

                                                    The most southerly cafe in the uk


There are Amazing views from this cafe looking out to sea  :)

 On our way back after lunch.

Lizard point where we have just left.

                 We are now back at Old Lizard Head , i looked at this on the way with an idea :)

Well!  i just had too :D

 Our way back to car park.

What a fabulous day its been ,  superb walk along stunning coastline and now on our last evening a walk down to Holywell for sunset.

No colour tonight but managed good cloud movement in this long exposure on our favourite beach in Cornwall.

                                                       until next year good bye :D

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