Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Autumn Grasmere and Tarn hows 1 st November 2013

Today i am taking Jan & Chester with me to the Lake district , i think a walk along loughrigg terrace will be a nice easy walk and to see some autumn colours.
arriving at the Rydal car park early before it fills up , we walk up the road and come out with this view over Rydal water :)   a glimmer of sunshine lighting up the islands

                                      continuing along the path heading up to Rydal Cave.

                               i have negotiated the stepping stone going into the cave :)

                                Chester is standing looking at the fish in the cave pool   lol

continuing upwards and along the path that heads towards Grasmere , some good patches of sunlight showing in the distance . Mollster wants something , probably to keep moving as i keep stopping to take pics

                                                                 Posing nicely Mol

we have reached the view over Grasmere, and the sun comes out momentarily and lights up the autumn colours and Chester :)

                                       while Mol looks down on us from above

never tire of the views from along this walk down to Grasmere and towards Dunmail raise in the background

                its getting quite windy up here, look at Mollsters fur blowing  haha

                                                       Chester trying a Mol pose :)

                              the oaks are turning nicely down by the weir.

                                   walking back down the lower level path along Rydal water

  weather looking at bit iffy now, pity :(   but the dogs dont seem to care much

                                                                       the "Rydal oak"

               We have now driven to Tarn Hows , Chester is looking at the beauty of the lake.

                                              Terrible Twosome posing together :)

walking around the lake the larch are nicely coloured and other trees showing good colour, but not at there best yet.

                                      a last view as the sun starts to set behind Coniston

                                                          last light on Langdale pikes

                                       the end of a great day  , will be back very soon

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