Friday, 14 March 2014

Buttermere Reflections 4th Nov 2013

Continuing the Buttermere walk, the lakes surface is now like a mirror now the breeze has dropped,  the "lone tree" makes a superb image :)

Walking around the top of the lake to the fence near the stream , gives a good view down Buttermere, the colours are really nice now , the afternoon sun lighting up the far bank trees. its looking like a good afternoon to shoot the reflections

this trees silhouette makes a stark contrast to the sunlit fells behind.

using tree trunks to frame the reflections

Long lens time, to focus on the reflections

looks stunning in late afternoon light

the sun has crept behind the trees now

Fleetwith Pike Reflection

and back lit Buttermere Pines

a final shot with Fleetwith Pike lit up by late afternoon light and Dale head over to the left

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  1. Nice photos love the way you have captured the contrast of colours as the reflections what kit are you using? I'm a keen amateur when on the hills and Mountains using an old nikon d5000, looking to go a little more lightweight and hopefully exchange some of my kit for the Sony next 7 mirrorless.