Monday, 10 March 2014

Windy Fireworks Nov 2nd 2013

Its the firework display at West Kirby marine lake tonight , its blowing a gale and heavy rain forecast ,  I aim to get down about 15 mins before its due to start to , i don't want to get too close as not sure how much air space will be needed in the frame.  having set up the tripod i have found straight away the wind blowing from the sea over the marine lake is going to cause problems  Oooops . Jan is having to hold it to prevent the wind blowing it over!    yes its that strong........
shooting in manual and varying the exposure time from  3-6 seconds and using f8 - f14 these are the ones that actually came out  lol   i have never tried to shoot them before and most turned out blurred due to camera moving in the wind , but the wind blown look is certainly different from normal firework images :D

I nailed this shot :)   more luck I feel

slightly longer exposures are giving more reflected colour in the very rough water surface

raindrops are now causing a problem as its getting heavier and blowing horizontally

the wind is now getting even stronger, look how the fireworks are being blown sideways!

its starting to rain heavy now, think display almost over anyhow, its almost impossible to keep water off lens now

its a  long walk back to the car , the rain is torrential now and I am completely soaked!   arghhhhh

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