Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Perch Rock sunsets july/August 2015

A Couple of nice evenings i have been down to Perch Rock lighthouse at New Brighton to photograph the sunsets :)

first up the evening of july 29

                               Amazing colour behind the windfarm  shot with 100-400 mm lens

 The colour has not developed unfortunately but a long exposure has given a lovely image of the water around the breakwater :)

                                          170 seconds at f14 using Big stopper .

                         The next evening but one  i was back again  , hopefully another good sunset :)

                                                                 Not much good tonight :(

A few day later i was back , i got there a bit late but ................

 I have missed the sun setting but half managed this image , i think i could have done much better job of this one.   As i was shooting this i noticed the sky colour/cloud  intensifying,  i ran to the back of the lighthouse and got one of my best Perch Rock Sunset images :)


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