Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sunset at Meols Beach August 17 /19 th 2015

The weather is looking promising for a good sunset , fingers crossed :)
Its only 15 mins drive to the beach , the tide is well out and i can safely walk out to the boats to shoot long exposures .

                                Long exposure of 160 seconds on this one using Big Stopper

                       It didn't last , faded quite quickly unfortunately , but there is always tomorrow :)

                             The following evening was one of the best sunsets so far this year :)
Keeping an eye on the cloud at home i have rushed down to the beach again , its going to be great!

                                 Its developing fantastic tonight ,  getting some cracking images :)

Its turned into a cracker tonight!

                                                              Amazing Cloud tonight :D
                                                                  Absolutely Stunning!

                                                            That was a great evening :)

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