Thursday, 31 December 2015

Devon Holiday pt2 Crow Point and Sunset

                              The Woolacombe Wolves"   posing from the previous morning

The sky isn't quite as blue this morning , but we are going to Crow Point for a good walk along the beach.    after driving down the narrow toll road we park up and walk over the dune to the beach. this part is silted up .

                              A Ship wreck , Jan is hiding  lol   Chester is not interested   haha


                           Heading over to the sand dunes out in the bay .................   up they go!

                                                                  Both Posing nicely :)

                                      Now its hidings time :D    I can just see Chester also :)

                                       Jan decides its a good idea to try hiding with the dogs.......

                                         Ouchy!      those rush stems are sharp Jan :)   HAHA

                                                                           Pirate Dogs !

                                                    Its a long way down there Chester

 A military hovercraft , there are two of them tearing up and down the estuary making an awful lot of noise!!!!!!

                                                       Chester barking at the noise :)   lol

                                             Jan trying to hide now , not very well i may add!

                                       The dogs are both soaked now  lol     but happy :)

After a really good day we have come down to Woolacombe beach for sunset again , its looking interesting with dark brooding clouds.   and spectacular rays :)

 Happy Mollster

                                                    and Chester at full speed :)

                                                         Wonderful clouds tonight.

                                           Love this image of the "Woolacombe Wolves"

                                                             A Panorama to finish the day :)

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