Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Prees Heath Bug hunt august 3rd 2015

Today I'm going on a bug hunt to Prees Heath in Shropshire , i have been looking for Essex Skippers and they have been seen here at this site.  the weather forecast is not too bad , but when i arrive its very dull and overcast with rain threatening i fear :)

                           I have found a small Tachinid fly , shot against deep shade.

 Ladybird time , there are loads of them , mostly too active to shoot.  but this one was moving slow enough to place the plant seedpod on the ground to be able to shoot with the mpe-65 macro lens :)

                A Nicely lit Bumble bee , natural light shot with 100mm L macro lens

                      Beetle time now  , loads of these mooching around ragwort flowers.

 I have found the Skippers , its windy and starting to rain now , difficult to get a good look to see the underside of the antennae to confirm id as Essex.

                      Essex Skipper showing the tell tale dark underside of the antennae :)   YAY!

                                                      A long legged stilt fly ,  i think   lol

 Down in the ditch that runs alongside the busy main road i have spotted a few large Hoverflies , its now very windy and these are not too sharp , but an attractive species :)

                       Another Bumble Bee species , shot with flash this time as too windy to shoot with natural light , of which there isnt any now  LOL

                                                    A Teneral Common Darter Dragonfly :)

I have given up now and re-treated to the car as its chucking it down with fine rain.  As i drive home the sun comes out again , but it still looks black behind me where i was.    Tonight i will hope fully shoot the sunset on the beach at Meols.

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