Monday, 25 January 2016

Autumn Colours in Bodnant Gardens 0ct 2015

At last i have got a day to go and shoot the autumn colours, good weather hasn't coincided with my days off this autumn.     Bodnant gardens is always a good place to have a good walk around and photograph the Acers , and this year the "Far end" is now open so should be interesting to have a look down there.
Arriving as i normally try to just at opening time, so i can shoot the Acer Glen before it gets busy with people :)

                                          No need to write anything, just look at the colours :D

                                            That's Acer Glen done, now off the the "Far end"

                                                                     "The Skating Pond"

                    The end of a great morning, now back home to take the beasts out for a walk :)

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