Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Devon Holiday Hartland Quay Sunset sept 2015

Having arrived at Hartland, the tide is much higher than expected , meaning i cant climb out onto the rocks like i did the other evening.    but its looking quite good for the sunset .

                                A wide shot  , sun is low and starting to light up the cliffs behind me :)

                                                         Lovely early evening  light :)

                                             Long exposure with  10 stop nd Big Stopper .

                                            Jan has snapped me climbing on the wall   lol
              The illuminated cliffs behind are already in shadow now after just a few minutes.

 Iam having to use the 100-400 mm lens to shoot with , which makes it more difficult to use the big stopper and keeping still enough for the long exposures.    


                                            A Long exposure has worked out brilliantly :)
                                                    Almost an Alien looking world :D

                             the Sun is Down now , and a lovely soft orange glow in the sky :)

                                                            A Great end to a superb day :)

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