Monday, 4 January 2016

Devon Holiday pt4 Clovelly

Today we are heading to the beautiful village of Clovelly , the images i have seen it looks amazing.   There are no cars, just steep cobbled roads with just the one main way in from what i have found out.

                                                     Walking down the Main road  lol          

                                          It really is beautiful , the deep blue sky helps   

Down the steep cobbled path to the harbour , it must be treacherous when these are wet!    its hard enough getting a grip on the polished pebbles in the dry!

                                                           a lovely picturesque harbour :)

                                     Chester is being nice for a change sitting nicely :D

                                                     The tide is on its way in now

They couldnt wait to get in the sea  , Chester is about to walk off the slipway and sink!!!!!   Ooops
Jan had to drag him out by the neck   lol

                                                Mol is not That stupid to walk off the edge!

               Walking through the narrow streets ,  loads hanging baskets and flowers look great .

         We have now left the village and are going on a cliff top walk to Blackchurch Rock.

We have just come to a clearing and there are dozens of Pheasants , Mol is going mad on the lead to try get them!!!!

    I have left Mol with Jan while i try to photograph them , i turn around and............ Charming!!!! 

                                                                  Giving me the Finger!  lol

               I have managed to get fairly close to a few of them  , but they are incredibly spooky!

  We have now arrived at the small shingle beach after walking through Pheasant infested woodland.

There are some big waves crashing on the rocks and beach now.

                                      Chester has been scrambling up the cliff face  lol

                                                                   Watch out Jan :)

We are going back to the car and back to Hartland Quay for sunset again now......................

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