Monday, 18 January 2016

Devon holiday sept 2015 last part

 This morning we are going to scatter my mums ashes into the sea at White Pebble cove , which is just below the "Torrs" near Ilfracombe.   Mum spent school holidays here from what i have heard,  so its a good place to rest.

 Ilfracombe caves are over to the right hand side.
We have walked along the Torrs path and now have to clamber down to the rocky cove

 Thats were we are going to climb down...................

 A short moving service with music has been had before i scatter mums ashes into a large rock pool just before the tide comes up :)           and a moment of reflection ..............

                                                 The beasts have had a run and a swim :)

                           We have now climbed back up to the top path overlooking the bay.

                                                                        Goodbye Mum :)

 This afternoon we are going to a walk along the coastal path from the campsite past Bull Point lighthouse along to Lee Bay.     along the narrow road Jan has spotted three tiny field mice :)    this is a phone pic

 After a nice half hour walk we have arrived at Bull Point , this looks an interesting location for a sunset i think.

 Continuing along this wonderful coastline , its gone 4.30 now so we had better walk a bit faster to get back before dark , it looks quite a way to go yet!

                                                              Up and down the coves  lol

 Quater past five and we have arrived  ,    there is nothing here!!!!!!    the few shops are all boarded up and the only place open is a small cottage selling ice cream.

                                                                   Ice cream dad ?
                                                                      Yes Mol :D

 On our way back now , as the sun sets and we have a long way to walk!!!!   there seem to be loads of footpath sign posts all with different mile distances i noticed on the outward journey , we are looking for a shorter route bypassing the lighthouse.

 Eventually we found our way back just before dark , too late to go out for sunset now , tomorrow is our last day.

 The last day of our holiday , and we have driven to Lynmouth for the day , going down the water driven furnicular railway now

Wonderful to see old machinery still in good working order :)

                               The tide Always seems to be out everywhere we go!!!!!!!  Doh!
                                       Harbours look so much better when tide is high :)

 A few pics of the village .    its really busy and we have already sat on the beach eating chips from a suitably placed chippy at the bottom of the railway on the beach front.

                                          Old lighthouse or harbour masters lookout tower.

                                     Mol resting while Jan goes shopping for cook books :)

                                             Back to the railway , love the flower planters :)

                                                                   View from the top

After getting back to the camp site i have rushed out to walk to Bull Point for sunset ,   a fast walk and i am well in time to watch the sun going down ,  there is some nice whispy cloud in the sky to light up hopefully :)

                                         Long exposure to flatten out the waves :)

                                              The setting sun has illuminated the rocks :)

                                   Three images showing the suns fall :)    all long exposures

                                  It didnt really light up as much as i had hoped unfortunatly :(
                               The end of our holiday , up early to pack up and get on the road.

                                                   Hope the taped up windscreen hold out!

                    Good bye Devon , Good bye Mum, will come see you some time again :)

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