Sunday, 3 January 2016

Devon Holiday pt3 Bude and Hartland Quay Sunset 24th sept 2015

Today we have driven all the way down towards Bude , we have firstly stopped off at Sandymouth Bay. Parking in the NT carpark
The tide is coming in fast so we haven't got to long ,  there had been reports of Palm Oil washing up on the next beach along so we must be careful the dogs don't find & eat anything!        the beach is full of big hollows and the they are filling up and emptying quickly confusing them   lol

                                They have had a good run so will take them back now.

                                                                     Posing Mollster :)

                                                                    Waterfall onto the beach :)

                  We are walking along the cliff top but the wind is really getting strong now

                                                                    Look at Mols fur haha

            We have driven into Bude now for a quick look around , straight down to the harbour.

     The causeway across to the lookout tower , i guess a high tide would go right over this easily

                                                                    Up on the tower :)

                                                                  Are you coming up?

                                                            Full view of this causeway

For sunset we have come down to Hartland Quay , it looks a super location for long exposure shots if the tide is in a good position  ie  going out    lol

                      Waiting in the top car park the low sun is lighting up the cliffs

         As the sun gets low we have come down to the lookout area ,  92 seconds with Big stopper

                                                                      3 frame hdr image

            I have scrambled down onto the wet slippery rocks now , as the tide is going out i can get into good positions for composition.     this is a 3 frame hdr image.

                         Slightly long exposure on the water gives a bit smoother appearance

Having climbed up high onto a rock and perching dangerously on the top with tripod legs either side of the pointed edge, i take 3 frames using big stopper
 25,52 & 162 seconds

                                               A great way to end a fabulous day in Devon

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