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Rhiwargor Waterfall walk Oct 15 th 2020

Today I am going to visit the Rhiwargor waterfalls which are located at the North end of Lake Vyrnwy in Mid Wales.   It is about a 2 hour drive so I set off early at 7am , well early for me that is   haha.   
Arriving at Vyrnwy at about 9 am I have stopped to get a couple of images along the right hand road that goes around the lake.  As it turns out the left hand road is closed due to a landslide or fallen trees .

                                                              5DSR  100-400L

                                                           9 frame panorama p4p drone

I need to move on down towards the waterfall carpark now as the forecast is actually for thick cloud, which is hard to believe looking at this clear blue sky!

    There is a large car park at the top end of the lake , and a fairly easy 30 minutes walk up the river.

There are the falls in the distance. I have decided to fly from here first while the sun is still on the trees as there is already cloud approaching from behind.

                                                                       9 frame panorama 

                               Clouds are already casting shadows over the trees and falls .

                                   Now to cross over the bridge to get to the base of the falls.

                                                              A nice table to take off from .

Having moved closer to the falls I can now fly closer to the falls more safely keeping well away from the tree branches to shoot these Vertorama images.  Both 6 frames merged in Lightroom.

Now its time to leave, having used all three drone batteries but as I get further away there is a really nice view over the trees. Out with the 5dsr and long 100-400mm lens.   these are both multi frame merged images . 

                                                                        4 frames merged

                                                                     7 frames merged.

I guess the weather forecast was wrong, its been a beautiful sunny day!
                                                                       A nice walk back now .

                        This was the last trip out before the November Lockdown 2.  Dam virus 

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