Thursday, 28 January 2021

Scotland Holiday Oct 2020 pt7 Drumlanrig castle


Today is our last day in Scotland before travelling  back home ,  We are going to Drumlanrig Castle which is about half hour drive from our campsite.  The house itself is closed due to coronavirus but the grounds and trails are open.  Having parked up after a lovely drive through the huge estate we found there are numerous colour coded walking trails .  We have walked one of the shorter distance trails through the woods and out onto the fellside  with the Terrible Twosome. Awesome views across the estate into the distance.

Long lens picks up the interesting parts. 

                                                I have no idea what the dome is up on the top! 

I have now come out on my own to walk the longest trail, which goes up to the highest point of the estate high above the House in the forest,  if I can find a clearing to fly should get some good images. 

Up near the high point now and the trees are thinning out.

I am at the top now, at a nice clearing with a stone seat looking out over to the House , but there is very little sun at the moment.

9 frame panorama p4p drone 

After about 10 minutes a brief break in the cloud is approaching , so I put the drone up again to catch the sun as it break through and lights up the house.  9 frames p4p drone.

Phone shot as I wait for the sun.

I cannot see any more breaks coming so continue on the trail down through the forest , a diversion on the path takes me down towards the Arboretum and a nice clearing .  Time to get the drone up again to see if I  can get any images of the trees.

                                                  Topdown over the trees in the gardens.

Shooting a series of manually exposed frames to stitch into 6 and 7  frame Vertoramas
I do wonder what was on the lawn originally , as the patterns radiating outwards show clearly something used to be there.  May have been box hedging or planted borders at some point in the past.

Back on with my walk now , down to the fields and the car park. 

                                  There is a playground inside the gardens , which are closed.

                                          Past the house and back to the van for a rest.

Time for one last walk with Jan and the Terrible Twosome, down the long tree lined road and around to the river.

A long exposure taken from the stone road bridge , pity there is no sun!

The end of our Scotland Holiday ,  cant wait for the next one. But no idea when that will be !

Update on Ozzy , went to vets and antibiotics cleared his fast breathing in a couple of days, must have been an infection from Clatteringshaws Loch he swam in, even though Chester went in also. 

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