Friday, 22 January 2021

Scotland Holiday Oct 2020 pt 4 Dornie

Early morning I have gone out to get a couple of long exposure images along the river Garry behind the car park before we leave.  It is extremely slippery and difficult to get close to the water , but I am happy with this multi frame image .  one frame for the water , one for the foreground light on the grass and a further exposure for the background trees and sky.

We have now left Glengarry and are heading to one of our favorite locations , Dornie  which is near Eilean Donan Castle . We are going to stay at the Ardelve campsite for a couple of days as the forecast is mainly rain for the next few days almost everywhere.

Driving down the A87 from Loch Cluanie towards Dornie has to be one of the finest roads for views in the area.
We have stopped in a valley to get a few images from the drone of the waterfall up on the fellside , pity the light is rubbish!

I flew up to the waterfall to get this three frame merge 

Next stop is Dornie , as we pass Eilean Donan castle the car park is filled with campervans!   But when we get to Ardelve campsite a mile away it is almost empty!  

Wine time !

The weather is not great , but the sun keeps poking through the clouds giving some very atmospheric conditions ,  and the Terrible Twosome do need a walk.  So a short walk over to see the castle.

This is what I have to put up with !  Arghhhhh

It is really cold and miserable, Jan doesn't look happy !

We are on a piece of land opposite Eilean Donan castle just waiting for the light to break though and light up something.

There is goes ,  great to see the light painting across the mountains.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to shoot these pools and watching the light painting across the hills to the right, But hadn't noticed the torrential rain storm approaching us from over the Loch !

The sun is lighting up the rain , it looks very atmospheric as it approaches.  There is a lone tree on the island to the left in the below image , if the sun illuminates that it will look fabulous. So as the rain moves towards us and keeping an eye on that tree and eventually I get my chance , shooting handheld at 400mm on my long lens  f9  iso 320  1/620th 

I have shot about 14 frames , all bracketed at +- 1 stop , and a 6 vertical frame panorama.
This is my favorite

One Bird

And the rain was obviously moving much faster than anticipated  , it has come right over us and we are getting soaked!  but worth it for those images. 

   The Final full 6 frame panorama 

A couple hours later the sky cleared and I have managed to get the drone up quickly for a couple images of the castle , another  rain storm is still in the background which adds to the image.

That's it for today , hopefully will get some more atmospheric conditions tomorrow.

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