Thursday, 21 January 2021

Scotland Holiday Oct 2020 pt3 Glengarry


The next morning we are on the road again, following the better weather which is heading down southwards now  ,  Its not looking very promising anywhere but there is nothing we can do about that!

The Scotland forestry "Stay the Night" scheme  has a park up at Glengarry forest so that is our next stop.         It is rain/sun all morning while driving , and I have spotted some fabulous locations for images but couldn't find anywhere to stop as we passed.   But we have arrived  to blue sky in an empty carpark.

As soon as I put the drone up, this is the first image of rain approaching !  landing very quickly in ever increasingly heavy rain.

Every time the sky cleared and I put the drone up , it started raining almost immediately ,So it has taken ages to get these few images.

                                                                  Torr an eas Mor

                                    Looking straight down on the car park and into the rain
The logging track down the center of this images is my route around and through the forest to eventually get to the Loch later this afternoon.

Loch Garry is just visible in the center of background.    As soon as the sky clears enough I will take a walk along the logging trails to get to the Loch. 

                                                       A glimpse of sunlight  on the trees.

A couple of hours later the sky has cleared and I set off with Ozzy to find the Loch, I cant find a direct route so have to go all around the forest by the looks of the maps. After following the logging track along the river I have turned off onto this grassy track heading towards the general direction of the Loch .

After about half hours further walk we have arrived high up above Loch Garry , but it is now clouding over .  I should have left half hour earlier!    As usual. 

Ozzy is soaked through after running in the deep grass and bracken all the way , the tracks are very boggy in places after all the rain. 

Time to get the drone up , Ozzy just sits next to me while I fly , he has learned already when my bag goes on the ground I stop walking for ages   haha  

                        I am actually in this image near the middle left side in a small clearing.

                                                                  Topdown directly over me .

                               Its clouded right over now, flat light no good for taking images.

Time to start the long walk back now  , but there is still a bit of light in the distance shining through small holes in the cloud.

No  not you Ozzy 

The highland cattle are blocking the path, they are Huge !   I don't dare take Ozzy near them , don't want those big horns anywhere near us .  So just have to wait as there is no other way around! 

After waiting about 10 minutes they walk off so we can continue our way through ,  about a couple hundred meters past this point the sun breaks through across the trees , time to get the drone up fast!  only have half  a battery left so must make the most of it. 

I have stopped by this stand of trees which are beautifully lit up by the sun poking through a gap in the clouds.  This image just doesn't do it justice unfortunately.

                                         Fabulous light now , probably the best of the day.
                                                          2 frames merged this image 

A couple of 9 frame panoramas 

                                                          Light over Glenluie

                                                         Love the low cloud across the tops 

That's the last of the light , now a fast walk back to the van before the rain arrives, which it has just has as we get near the car park.

              Back together in the van, Ozzy seems ok while out but as soon as he rests he is breathing quite fast , but doesn't seem to be distressed at all.  The only thing we can think off is that the Loch he swam in on the first day has given him an infection or something.

What a great day , Tomorrow we have to leave this parking spot and head off somewhere else..............

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