Sunday, 24 January 2021

Scotland Holiday Oct 2020 pt 5 Dornie

 This morning is actually dry , with some lovely soft light coming through the thin clouds.  We have walked along to Eilean Donan Castle ,  the Tide is on its way out but still have enough water in this channel to reflect some of the background trees.

                                                             5dsr  100-400mm @100mm

                                                            8 vertical frame panorama

                                 The light is raking across the mountains , lovely conditions 

I really like using a long lens for picking out sections of the landscape

We are now around the other side of the castle next to the car park, but the light has gone for now!
                                                                  a couple of phone images

                   Getting some nice light on the fells behind the castle ,But  Ozzy isnt bothered 

The light behind the Dornie bridge is fabulous , I must get a long lens image quickly before it disappears!

                                                         Handheld , 5dsr 100-400 

                                                               Long shot over Loch Alsh

After lunch I have come out on my own to walk down through Dornie village and down the Loch Long.
Ozzy has been breathing fast again so will let him rest even though he seems normal when out walking.

                                                           Oopps   slanty phone pic   haha

Past the tiny village the road follows the Loch all the way down out of sight and the light is really nice , But I think the thick cloud is approaching fast, am too late ?  Again!.

                                                                     But Nice rainbow  lol 

Just after that short shower passes  through, I have managed to get the drone up for this one panorama image.  The rain is at the far end of the Loch already , and more coming in behind me unfortunately. 

                                                   Just a few phone images to finish

Lovely light rays over That Tree!

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