Monday, 18 January 2021

Scotland Holiday October 2020 pt1

 We have decided to get away to Scotland in the van for a week  , another Lockdown is imminent due to increasing Coronavirus cases so this may be the last chance to get away this year. 

Heading up to the Galloway forest where there is a Scottish forestry "stay the night" scheme which allows an overnight stay in one of their nominated car parks , the one we are going to is at Clatteringshaws Loch near the center of the Galloway forest park.   On the way up while passing Lock Ken we have pulled over for a short stop , the weather is warm and sunny with blue skies . Time for a quick drone flight.

What a beautiful area this is !    Next stop is Clatteringshaws .  Arriving at the carpark we have set up at the end with a great view across the Loch.    Perfect !

Wine time.

Ozzy looks happy , taken just before they went swimming in the loch.  which turned out Not to be a good idea, but we didn't know at the time.

Time for a nice short walk down towards a stone monument , and while the light is good time to get some more images.

This is Bruces Stone , one of two in the Galloway forest park dedicated to the Scottish King. 

                              The water level looks quite low , only just up to the water tower.

                                          Meandering stream , lovely early Autumn colours.

                                      What a view , across the Loch to the Rig of Clenrie 

                                Ozzy is content to sit and wait for the sunset , and Jan has wine :)

Time for another drone flight , the sun is slowly getting lower in the sky giving good light , here is the visitor centre and our van on the near end .

                   Down to the left end of the loch is a Dam , this is a 9 frame panorama 

                                                 and the opposite side from where we are

Sitting waiting for sunset , and the cloud is looking very nice at the moment and we could get a really good colour display later.  Drone batteries are fully charged in readiness.  making good use of the late sunlight on the solar panel. 

What a beautiful first evening of our holiday , and looking at the forecast it could well be the last sunset we see. 

                                                         a phone pic after the sun has set 

That was a great start to the week , its looking increasingly wet unfortunately .  Tomorrow looks very wet , so we will head up past Loch Lomond to a campsite at Tyndrum for the night as we head up to the highlands. 

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