Monday, 29 April 2013

Snowdons Pyg track in the snow March 18th pt1

After heavy overnight snow fall in Snowdonia i drove up to the Pen-y-pass car park to take Molly along the PYG track to get some good photos from higher up .

The view towards Snowdon over the twin lakes is always superb.

  Upon reaching the top of the pass ,there was a good covering of snow in the car park which was quite busy for a monday. we are going to take the PYG track which is the higher path heading up Snowdon.  looking down the Lanberis pass , Molly poses for a pic :)

Molly is having a great time in the snow, rolling and sticking her head right in the deep snow :)

               the views are stunning today, snow really makes a landscape more interesting .

                                       Moll is leading the way, climbing steadily upwards.

                                more fun in the snow trying to sledge!  uphill mol????  strange dog!

looking back down to the car park, weather not good in that direction, but blue sky in front for now.

i just love the snowy landscape, much more interesting than a summers day in the mountains, we have walked a long way already , must keep going , really enjoying today already :D

                                                  Mollster is thinking..................................

                                  "come on, its this way!   you stop too much taking photos "

                                                            "Crib Goch" ahead of us

Heading to the steeper section the snow is really deep, the sun is lighting up the mounds and contours which looks amazing. so i am taking loads images , here are a few of them.

                                            this is my fav image, the sun is breaking through now

       Having reached the top of this section ,i have to get moll to jump over a stile, she has not tried before. once over we get the first glimpse looking down on Llyn Llydaw

                         Molly surveying the view, fantastic today with Snowdon shrouded in cloud.

this path is a nice level walk for a long way , although its quite narrow and have to be very careful in this snow. Mol is loving running in the snow up on the steep slopes   haha

                                                    A Panorama image , view LARGE

     Mol having fun, a mini avalanche occurred  here , a large snowball formed in centre of image!

                                               Lets "pose" again shall i , molly says :) 
              the sun is out now and its feeling quite warm, the suns glare of the snow is blinding!

                                            she just cant help herself , such a show off!

                                     the journey continues in part 2 , far too many images lol

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Langdales Twitteratti walk 3 rd march 2013 pt 2

Continuing the Twitteratti  trip ,having just left the summit of Pike o Blisco we are now heading down to find a sheltered spot for a food break , the sky is brightening and i can see blue showing through  yay


The snow is quite patchy here

We have found a nice flatish area out of the wind, a stunning view is a bonus :) 
that's more like it Mol :) 

Having found a good spot ,  Tilly and Molly decide Tanya's food is suitable for them  haha
look at those eyes :)
while everyone eats, i take a series of images of Molly posing with the amazing Langdale backdrop :)

Think this is my favourite composition

What a stunning valley! 
 blue sky makes an appearance just at the right time, although it didn't last long!

a small group photo in front of the langdales .

What a stunning view from here, i shoot a panorama view LARGE

After resting we are now continuing down the steep grassy slopes towards our next target fell Lingmore.
we have come out of most of the snow but the ground underneath is still frozen solid ,very slippery and Gina has just taken a tumble , the look on her face tells us she is in pain :(
We have made it down to the road near to Blea Tarn,  Gina,Tanya,Daxa wait for Dave to fetch the car to take them back,  Jimmy,Andy,Gwyn and myself are continuing the walk heading towards Lingmoor fell.  the cloud has come over and is not looking good for any more views with blue sky :(
we have gone around this big crag , looked very steep to climb over  haha, we are tired already so that's the excuse!
blue sky but in wrong direction :(   shame!
Here is the view back towards Side Pike that we didn't climb up  haha.  superb view even in the dull conditions that have come over, we are now heading to the summit.
looking down on Blea Tarn , looks very grim down there now :(
we have negotiated alot of ice on the paths near the summit , Molly doesn't look exactly happy to reach her second summit of the day, presume she knows that in this light she wont look her best :D
Mollster looking unhappy Awwwww.
Looking back towards Langdale , we are now heading down to Blea Tarn to be picked up by Terry in the van to save us walking back up the wrynose pass to the three shires stone where we parked.
What a fantastic fun Twitteratti walk,   Gina had damaged a ligament in her knee but the good news it is healing well and she can run the london marathon  , Go Gina:)
we always have fun on these walks

Monday, 8 April 2013

Twitteratti walk Pike o Blisco mar 3rd pt 1

Well, it was time for another Twitteratti walk , this would be Mollys first walk in the Lakes and her first Wainwright also.   getting up really early on Sunday morning i drove up the m6 to Cumbria and through to the "3 Shires Stone" meeting place where we would all meet to start the walk up to Pike o Blisco
Today's group consisted regulars Gina & Dave, Jimmy,Tanya & Tilly,Adam & Terry with Newbies Daxa (came up from Leicestershire) Andy& Gwyn ( sunderland )  . 
the weather is cold, cloudy and we can see small amount of snow on the highest summits .  a group photo first :)   (photo by Daxa)

We are heading to "Red Tarn" first, the dogs have a quick play in the snow as we get higher up

                                Red Tarn  all frozen over, with a scattering of snow all around.

 Look what happened to Dave.............    Hehe   more fun on a twitteratti walk :)

leaving the tarn behind we are following the path around to the right and heading up a steeper section  which is quite slippery in the snow and ice. a short scramble type section and we were soon near the summit

         eventually we arrive at the summit of Pike o Blisco, Molly's first ever wainwright   Yay :)

                                                         She does love to "pose"  Hehe

                                        and a group photo,think Tilly needs to learn to Pose :)
  we then had a brief stop to eat Gina's famous home made chocolate brownies, yum,yum

Someone decided we should find a better place to have a rest. so a more sheltered area further down would be more suitable, This is where all the fun starts ,  heading down towards Blea Tarn to get out of the cold wind the snow was getting deeper and deeper  . as usual  Gina takes the lead, and this is what she has just found............   down the ice slide Gina   lol

followed by .......  everyone else, slipping and tumbling in the snow   Watch out Tilly.....................

                                           more of the same                    it is steep  .........

Molly tries to "take out "dave   Haha
Mollster in mid are and about to Pull me down.............

                                                                        Gina & Dave

Getting some nice views towards Lngdale now, and it looks like the sky is breaking and we might get a bit of blue sky, hopefully :)

                                                    Plenty of the white stuff up here!

yet more slipping and sliding, think everyone has gone over so far, i even did a 360 roll with camera lens going in the snow!  Ooops   Here is Daxa "sledging"  hehe

                                                          Tilly enjoying herself too :)

  Don't you always hate it when someone in a bright red or PINK jacket gets in the way of a good view!
its usually Mollster that is found "posing" hehe
more "sledging"  Dave enjoyed a few of these but eventually one of his poles got snagged and bent 90 degrees   Oooops

the views down Langdale are superb now that the sky is brightening 

 the story continues in pt2