Friday, 29 May 2015

Wirral Sunsets April/may 2015

                      A Few random images taken over a couple of weeks in April and May

A quick stop at Caldy shore to shoot the "sticks" ,  the sun set behind thick cloud so this was the only decent image, hand held.

                an Artistic long exposure at West Kirby marine lake   109 seconds with Lee Big stopper.

                 Next we have a glorious evening sunset at Perch rock , lovely light on the rocks  ,
                                   186 seconds f14 iso 100    with Big stopper and 0.6 nd grad .

                                     A few nights later , no colour but a nice calm sunset image 
                                                   169 seconds  f14  iso200 big stopper.

                                   The end of April and a glorious mellow sunset again at perch rock
                                      120 seconds f11 iso 250  with big stopper on 100-400mm lens

                                      243 seconds f13 iso 400  big stopper on 100-400 mm lens

                             Meols beach boats at sunset. 61 seconds Big stopper and 0.6 nd grad

                                                     After sundown    306 seconds Big stopper

                  Now for a couple of consecutive evenings at Meols shooting the famous boats.

                                                    "Maggie R"            150 seconds f14

                                                        "Maggie R"         191 seconds f10

                                                           120 seconds  f14   " Blue boat "

                                                     179 seconds  f14  after sundown

Snowdonia april 5th 2015

A Easter walk up to Cym Idwal seemed a good idea , the weather forecast for the mountains was for sun and blue sky, whereas everywhere else seemed to be under a thick blanket of low cloud.  driving down we where under this thick cloud and i did not think it would be clear in the Ogwen valley, but as we drove out of Bethesda we came through into beautiful blue sky :)   Yay

                    A nice walk in the sunshine up to Cym Idwal with the devils kitchen behind.

                                                     Calm waters , don't see this very often :)

                                             The Terrible Twosome are enjoying paddling .

Just after i take this shot, while crossing the stream on the rock bridge , Mollster decided to pull me off ! i went flying through the air,camera in hand and landed in the stream and fell onto the bank after a few running steps through the water!  Arghhhhhhhh   soaked legs and feet   :(

Having walked up and around the top end of the lake, i stop to shoot Pen-yr s reflection in the mirror calm lake :)

                                   On the path around the lake to head back down now.

                                                            A bit of posing for Mollster

                                                        and a rare pose from Chester :)

                                                                     One more shot :)