Tuesday, 28 July 2020

Preying Mantis June

Starting in early June the Wide Armed mantis is growing and is quite white in coloration now .

5dsr  mpe 65 at x4 magnification.

The two flower mantids are now sub adult, meaning they will become adult at the next skin moult and get their wings.  I still cant work out if they are both male or not.

You can see the wing buds now, quite thick and colour showing through. So it will not be long before getting wings .

                           both 5dsr  mpe 65 at x1 life size , they are a very small species.

             The Dead leaf if still growing very slowly , he is sub adult now.  and has fabulous eyes !

                                                   Multi frame focus stack  5dsr  mpe 65

                The Giant Rainforest mantis is now sub adult , beautiful colours on this one now .

                                            Locust   2 frame focus stack 5dsr  mpe 65

Stagmatoptera females are now almost adult, the final yellow colouration is staring to show through the skin now, and they are very hungry!

                                                     single frame f13 at 1.1 with mpe 65

             and finally the Cat eye mantis ,  pre sub adult and darker in the face than before