Monday, 9 May 2016

Stormy seas and skies at Perch Rock february 2016

With yet another storm blowing in , its time to head down to Perch Rock lighthouse  , its due to hit tomorrow but this evening there might be a good sunset possibly.

The tide has just come over the breakwater and there is some nice fast moving cloud starting to colour up:)
                                                   50 seconds at f14 with lee little stopper

The next morning its blowing a gale , so back to New Brighton for some big stormy wave shots :)

I chose to shoot with 100-400 mm lens on a tripod for these.

                                                             1 second exposure

                                        0.8 second exposure , the sky is getting dark now.

               1/200 th second, sun lighting up the lighthouse with dark brooding clouds behind :)

                   a rather enjoyable morning , no long exposures as it is just too windy.