Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Cornwall Holiday pt5 Epic Holywell Sunset


                            This morning another walk along the beach and up onto the headland.

                                       Still breezy and some good waves coming to shore .

Now for sunset ,   we have walked down in plenty of time to give the dogs a run first , and scout out a few possible compositions for later .

As the sun sets low near the horizon ,the light is looking good and with some very nice clouds it is looking like a good sunset is possible ,  But  the clouds are moving very quickly so they will be long gone I fear before sunset time. 

While I am on the beach looking for compositions the dogs are watching me , or trying too as Jan is standing in the way forcing Chester to try to look around her. 

Almost sunset and the cloud has built up really fast , its looking great now.

        Two frame focus stack ,  one focused on the immediate foreground sand and the second on Gull Rock  , merged in Zerene Stacker.   5dsr  17-40 L 

Trying to get the sand ripples as a leading line to the sun.

     This is the peak of the colour ,I did not expect this tonight . Nice patterns created in the sand by the stream running into the sea work well in this composition , better than the previous image.

                                  5dsr  17-40 L   0.3 sec   f13  iso 100    0.9 soft nd grad

The colour faded quickly after this , so this is the last image of the night on the camera.

                             A phone picture taken as the colour faded.