Friday, 30 August 2013

Mollsters Mountain Yr Wyddfa june 10th 2013

Another mountain to be climbed today , Mollster has been wanting to go climbing again  ...the weather forecast was looking good ish!   so Mt Snowdon seemed a good idea for today.
 Snowdon is in the snowdonia national park in North Wales , at 1085m  (3,560 ft ) it is Wales and British isles highest peak outside Scotland.
Parking up at Pen-y-pass car park £10 rip off!!!!!!!   i can see loads blue sky at present, but looks a bit misty up near the summit.  We are taking the Pyg track up to the summit, and will descend down the miners track.

We have started walking , blue sky and quite warm for a change. heading up towards Crib Goch.  here is the valley looking down to Llanberis where the rack and pinion railway starts from.

Having reached the top of the path where it splits to go up Crib , we take the left path where we can now see Llyn Llydaw and Snowdon itself. The white path that you can see is the Miners track that goes around Llyn Llydaw down in the valley.

                                                What,Why & How did a chair get up here??????????

 We are getting great views from up here , Heading towards the Glaslyn view point now at the top of this path on the right that winds up the mountain side.

            We have made good progress up the track you can see on the left side of below image.

Don't know where all the blue sky has gone :(  Glaslyn is below us now and we are very near to the top now.

At the top ridge , the rail track makes a good diagonal across this image. i can hear a train coming, wonder what Mollster will think of it :D

                                                 She is trying to chase the train   haha

                             Admiring the awesome view from just below the summit.

                                                         Beautiful pose Molly.

                              Mollster has reached the Summit of Snowdon   YAY!

                              What a shame the cloud and mist has covered up all the views!

           its turned quite chilly up here as the cloud builds, good job  i brought a fleece :)

           The summit cafe/railway station, its really busy up here, walkers are having to wait  to get in !

        Sun light breaking though the clouds painting the valleys with light while Mollster poses :)


                                                         A nice Molly portrait :)

       The track back down to Glaslyn is behind Molly and goes down around the lakes in the distance.

 A Stunning view from the summit, sea gulls are having a great time and Molly is watching them :)

                        Looking behind the mist and low cloud has rolled in, very atmospheric !

         The sun is painting light on the fabulous landscape ,a good view of the lakes Glaslyn at bottom of image and Llyn Llydaw near the centre. the white path halfway up the image is where we have just walked, and the lower path down to Glaslyn is our way down.

                                                             Molly is posing :)      as usual!

                                We are heading down now after a nice half hour rest.

this is near the top of the steep path down to meet the miners track at Glaslyn , it is quite loose under foot!  but Molly having 4 paw drive its not a problem   hehe


                                 "are we going down there Dad? "  Molly is thinking

       Yes Mollster, that is Glaslyn , you might paddle if you pick up the courage  lol

having reached the Glaslyn Molly is actually paddling, but only ankle deep !   the water is stunningly clear and the sun is lighting up the far side , wonderfull view

                                                        My favorite image of the day

walking back to the car park, i stop to watch the welsh mountain goats on the hill side before ending the day .its been a superb 7 hour walk today

                                                          the end of another super walk.

                                             all images shot with canon 5d mk2 & 17-40 L

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Wyre Forest Dog walk in the Bluebells June 2nd 2013

A trip to the Wyre forest was planned, i picked up Jan and Chester early on a Sunday morning and drove down to the forest in the Bewdley area.  i was hoping to see and photograph the Pearl Bordered Fritillaries but all the butterfly species are late emerging after the long winter.
Arriving at the small car parking area we make our way down towards the area i have seen them in before.  the bluebells should be open but that is in another area of the forest to go to later in the day.

look at Chesters legs!    he has been in the water already  haha    Molly being afraid of water has not been near it.

Coming out into an open area straight away i have spotted a couple of Pearl Bordered Fritts flitting around.

                                                            the " Terrible twosome"

Continuing on to the lower area around the stream where i saw the Wood whites last year HERE   unfortunately no sign of any yet, they must be really late this year.   But quite a few Pearls are showing but not perching up in the strong sunshine, walking up the path on the opposite side of the stream i have found one perched on a tree leaf and manage just one shot before it flys off.

              A few moments later ........................   Mollys thinking  "what a stupid thing to do!  "


Moving on through the forest we find some bluebells but the sun has gone for the moment :(

                    Chester tries to hide in the Bluebells , unsuccessfully !

We have walked through to the other side of the forest to the main bluebell area , it is looking superb and the dogs are having a great time running in amongst them.............

i have also noticed a few Beeflys feeding on the wild flowers, but only managed to get a one half decent image, they are too fast today

Its a beautiful afternoon now as we walk through the sunlit woods , the sun lighting up the ground in patches .

                                                              Here they come!!!!!!!!!

                                        Chester is looking puzzled for some reason...............

                                                               While Mollster just poses :)

We are walking down one of the large open paths between the bluebells, such a beautiful forest at this time of year.

        I take Portraits of the Terrible twosome in the bluebells , well behaved for a few minutes :D

That was the end of a lovely day , not many butterflies but the bluebells where really beautiful