Monday, 25 April 2016

Snowdonia - Ogwen valley 17 th January 2016

A day in Snowdonia today , meeting up with a friend to show him around some of the good locations.   It looks like most of the snow has melted low down , not that there has been much this year!.
Meeting up with John at the "Snowdon" viewpoint first near Capel-Curig but the view is disappointing this morning.  So the short drive down to Llyn Ogwen to walk up to cym idwal .  stopping off along Llyn Ogwen the mist is shrouding the Glyders and Devils Kitchen. 

Climbing down to the lake edge to shoot down towards Y-Garn which is just about visible in the fast moving mist.

Now to go to White cottages car park at Llyn Ogwen , and start walking up to the lake in the mountains "Llyn Idwal"         the mist has cleared quite a bit now but it is still swirling around through the valley between Pen-yr-ole-wen and Cym Idwal.           Stopping near the top of path below the Idwal Bridge , the mist running through the valley in front of Pen -yr looks amazingly atmospheric ,  and setting up my tripod low to the stream i can get everything in the frame. using a Lee "Big " stopper (ten stop nd ) to give about 60 seconds exposure to give good movement in the water and mist a bit of movement blur.

                                            Black and White conversion    59 seconds exposure

          Moving up to the lake and shooting over the waterfall looking into the "Devils kitchen"
                                        "Little" stopper used    6 stop nd filter to lengthen exposure

                  Walking around the left side of the lake to take some more long exposure images

                     Big stopper used to give 2 minute exposure to smooth out the water surface.

 Time to head back down and take a look at the waterfalls coming out of Llyn Ogwen ,  on the path down i take this panorama .

Across the main road and climb around the rocks to shoot the falls with Tryfan behind still shrouded in mist.     29 second exposure in this one.

                               Time for one last location , Llyn Gwynant and the lone tree :)

                                       Wading around a bit to get this full view of the lake.

                                                                         One final image

                                                The end of a great day in Snowdonia .