Thursday, 31 December 2015

Devon Holiday pt2 Crow Point and Sunset

                              The Woolacombe Wolves"   posing from the previous morning

The sky isn't quite as blue this morning , but we are going to Crow Point for a good walk along the beach.    after driving down the narrow toll road we park up and walk over the dune to the beach. this part is silted up .

                              A Ship wreck , Jan is hiding  lol   Chester is not interested   haha


                           Heading over to the sand dunes out in the bay .................   up they go!

                                                                  Both Posing nicely :)

                                      Now its hidings time :D    I can just see Chester also :)

                                       Jan decides its a good idea to try hiding with the dogs.......

                                         Ouchy!      those rush stems are sharp Jan :)   HAHA

                                                                           Pirate Dogs !

                                                    Its a long way down there Chester

 A military hovercraft , there are two of them tearing up and down the estuary making an awful lot of noise!!!!!!

                                                       Chester barking at the noise :)   lol

                                             Jan trying to hide now , not very well i may add!

                                       The dogs are both soaked now  lol     but happy :)

After a really good day we have come down to Woolacombe beach for sunset again , its looking interesting with dark brooding clouds.   and spectacular rays :)

 Happy Mollster

                                                    and Chester at full speed :)

                                                         Wonderful clouds tonight.

                                           Love this image of the "Woolacombe Wolves"

                                                             A Panorama to finish the day :)

Devon Holiday Sept 2015 pt 1

We are on our way down to Devon to stay near Ilfracombe , i am taking my Mums ashes to be scattered in one of her favorite areas :)

       Bad start to the holiday , a large bird has smashed the front windscreen of the caravan!!!!!!!!
                     there is bits of blood and quills all over the right hand side of the window.

 Any how,  after a longer than anticipated journey after stopping to duct tape the windscreen, we have arrived and set up in the caravan park at Easwell farm caravan park.  and now driven down to Woolacombe sands to give the "Woolacombe Wolves" a good run after being in the car all day.

                                                             Come on , Hurry up!!!!

                                             Not much of a sunset tonight by looks of it :(

                                                                    Knackered already :)

 The following morning we have driven into Ilfracombe to have a look around . We are parked in the Hillsborough car park and have walked straight down coming out opposite the harbour.

              Phone panorama shot showing the Damien Hurst  "Verity" statue on the harbour wall.


                              Now for a short walk over to the other side of the harbour.

                  Looking across to Capstone point from the Chapel above the harbour

                                                                       The harbour boats :)

                                  A quick walk up Hillsborough hill  before heading back.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Groynes at Sunset August 24th 2015

Tonight i am going to go down to New Brighton to shoot the groynes at sunset for a change , i have not really shot this one before.  the sky is looking ok but not much cloud when i arrive , the good news is the tide if perfect.

                                                      Wonderful light on the stones :)

                                Lovely long exposure  75 seconds f14 ,  iso400  big stopper

                                                 Not bad for half hour out in the evening  :D

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Sunset at Meols Beach August 17 /19 th 2015

The weather is looking promising for a good sunset , fingers crossed :)
Its only 15 mins drive to the beach , the tide is well out and i can safely walk out to the boats to shoot long exposures .

                                Long exposure of 160 seconds on this one using Big Stopper

                       It didn't last , faded quite quickly unfortunately , but there is always tomorrow :)

                             The following evening was one of the best sunsets so far this year :)
Keeping an eye on the cloud at home i have rushed down to the beach again , its going to be great!

                                 Its developing fantastic tonight ,  getting some cracking images :)

Its turned into a cracker tonight!

                                                              Amazing Cloud tonight :D
                                                                  Absolutely Stunning!

                                                            That was a great evening :)

Risley Moss Dragonfly shoot 17th August 2015

A quick trip down to Risley Moss nature reserve near Warrington  , the black darters should be showing well .

                A Beautiful tiny Black Darter Dragonfly , they are only about 1 - 1.25 inch in size.

                      There are loads of these Emerald Damselflies perching on the grass stems .

                                      A female Scorpion Fly ,  great looking creatures :D

 Another black Darter :)  its a hard going , not that many around and its a bit breezy  which makes the stems more too much!

                                       One of the large Hoverfly species that i always see here .

                                                        Mollster is waiting patiently :)

                                                                          Resting bee :)

                                            A longhorn beetle , very common this time of year