Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cornwall Holiday Bedruthan Steps july 2015

After a wet morning it has cleared up and its now blue sky again  Yay!      time to head to our favourite location Bedruthan steps , where earlier in the week i was attacked by a small fish! HERE

 Here we are at the top of the cliffs overlooking this magnificent coastline , the tide is still too high to get down onto the beach so a few minutes spent shooting long exposures from up here first.

                                                                        a Family shot :)

                                       Its Stunning here , especially in this great weather

                                                                   Good Posing Mol :)

          Time to head down to the beach now, the tide is going out fast on the top of the beach.

                                                Mollster is in the sea already   HAHA

                                        A long exposure in the shallow crystal clear water.

                                              Running time for the  "Holywell Horrors"

                                           Almost got her reflection in the wet sand :D

Mad Spanner   :D

 Throw ball Now!!!!!!!

                                                                    Full speed ahead.

                           The waves are still crashing in  even though the tide is going out.

 I have waded around the rocks on a low wave and Mol has followed me , a big wave has come up way past my knees and she has swum onto a rock and is now stuck!!!   

 I cant believe it!     Mollster what have you done?        Exactly the same thing as last year  HERE on the same cove Doh!  

                           After getting her to jump in and swim we are on the next cove now

I have got my Crocs on , not taking any chances of getting a weaver sting wading in the shallow water!  my finger is still numb after the earlier incident.

                                               Mol has been naughty, and she knows it!!!!!!

                                                               Fantastic Beach rocks  

                                                                    Chester running  lol

                          Ooops , he just ran into a deep pool and went completely under!  
                          the beach is covered in these deep hollows in the shallow water.

                                                 Looks like Jan is the photographer   lol

                                                Wispy cloud formations forming now .

                                                          Lying in wait for the ball :)

                                   Time to leave now , a view from half way up the steps.

                             Walking across the cliff tops i have just spotted a Kestral at rest :)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Cornwall Holiday pt4 Sat Nav Incident, Polperro & Holywell Sunset

After it rained all night and early this morning we have had a lie in ,  the forecast is looking great for the south Cornwall coast , so a quick look on my phone ( almost out of data!!!!! )    Polperro is a village i have always wanted to visit so this is our destination , Now usually i search on maps for the car park and get the postcode , but as i didn't want to use up any more data i just typed "Polperro" into the cars sat nav.   easy   right?    Well Nooooooo      When we got near , i had a feeling something was wrong , But as i had just passed a sign saying "Village centre"  i didn't think anything more about it........ Until going down a steep narrow road to a point where we wouldn't Fit between the side walls!!!!!!!!!!    Bollocks and all other words .. Ffffff         luckily we where stuck right next to a small cottages drive , Jan directed me, as i attempted a 60 point turn.......... Yes carry on she said..............scrape...............  Bump.........  Arggggggg    thought you said ok????????         Ooops

After this bad start to the day , it can only get better , and it did :)     Polperro is Stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  The forecast was correct , blue sky everywhere here now and its really warm .

 I am regretting not bringing my camera , but these phone pics look ok :)

 Just found a Tiger moth ,    i initially thought it was a cream spot tiger, but looking in books they show it is a Scarlet tiger moth :)      since i have never seen either it is a new species for me :)

                                   Panorama from the top of the hill overlooking the village

                                                                       Posing time :D

 Back in the village and we are heading to the other side .........  Pity the tide is out , would look much nicer at high tide .

                                                                Shell house :)

                                  Flowers on the walls really make a difference , Beautiful :)

                                                               Lovely narrow streets.

                                  This is the road the sat nav wanted to bring us down!!!!!!!!
                                                             Looks a bit narrow  lol

                                                       A Memorial at the top of the hill .

                                                    Its time to head to the chippy now
                                                            Nice view to sit and eat :)

Time to leave now , a nice walk up to the car park, and a long drive back ,  whats the chance of a good sunset tonight i am thinking.

                           I have made it down to the beach  , but think i am a little late!
               Jan has stayed back at the van with the Holywell Horrors and a bottle of wine!  
  Its blowing a gale with big waves.  Using the big stopper for long exposures might be a little difficult.     but i will try.

       Looks like i have missed the best colour yet again :(     but its still looking very dramatic :)

                                                               "Gull Rock" Sunset

                                                           49 seconds , f16 , iso 400

                                                        48 seconds, f16 , iso 400

                                                                  "Calm before the Storm"          

                                                                      0.6 sec , f18 , iso100

       A slightly shorter 0.3 sec exposure to give slightly different wave motion. there are some really big waves crashing in now as its almost high tide.

                  the "Blue hour" after sundown , long exposure -   251 seconds, f16 ,iso 400

                                                  The end of a great day in Cornwall :)