Friday, 11 April 2014

Penmon Point Anglesey/ Point of Aire 26/29 th Dec 2013

Having just got a new 10 stop neutral density filter for x mas today seemed a good opportunity to try it out , Penmon Point Lighthouse on Anglesey North wales was a location i have always wanted to visit and it is a special place for Jan to visit.    we drove through torrential rain on the coast road but after crossing the Brittania bridge onto Anglesey it was clear blue sky above us :)   but looking back over to Snowdonia it looked pretty bad still.  

driving through to Penmon , having to negotiate boulder/pebble strewn roads around the coast where the recent storms had broken the sea walls and water was still flowing back into the sea from out of the fields.   after paying the toll to drive down to the point, this is my first view of the lighthouse.

I have quickly set up my tripod and fitted the 10 stop nd filter , after pre focusing and setting exposure . as when fitted you cannot see anything through the black glass!   here is my first attempt at long exposures with it                    20 secs  f16

The tide is coming in fast, i need to clamber down across the wet slippery seaweed strewn rocks to get a few shots before all the rocks are covered.

 Think i got lucky with the light in this image :)
25 secs  f18

 having taken loads of shots, most of which just didnt work , i have moved around onto the shingle to play with the dogs for a bit    (phone pic)  can you see Chester?   blends in well  lol

                                   a long exposure to smooth out the water    25 sec f18

30 secs  f16

most of the rocks are submerged now so this is the last shot, its been an enjoyable few hours, most of the images didn't work, need to practise more .

A couple days later we have driven to the Point of Aire lighthouse at Talacre on the North Wales coast to give the dogs a good run ,  the tide is well out but the Terrible twosome have found the nearest pool already!    Lol

          the lighthouse has taken a battering in the recent storms, needs a good coat of paint now 

                      cant believe how warm it is today , the last day of december and full sun
Chester has just plunged into this pool which is very deep and he had to swim   lol

after i threw the ball into the big deep pool on the other side of the lighthouse and they both got very wet its time to run them dry on the sand

                                              somehow i dont think they will get dry today !

walking back through the sand dunes that a couple of weeks ago where covered by the sea in the storms , large sections where washed away alowing the sea to swamp the low lying parts of this nature reserve.  hope it doesnt cause to much long term damage to the wildlife.

                   the last blog of 2013  , we are off to Budapest next week. cant wait :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Perch Rock Lighthouse 27th October 2013

For a change i decided to try some lighthouse shots down at Perch Rock at New Brighton , i get down there early enough to shoot as the tide comes in around the breakwater.
i am starting off round the back of the fort just as the waves are coming into the rocks. love the pattern the sky in this image.

Walking around the opposite side i have found this interesting pattern in the sand, the dogs are getting in the way all the time though!

The tide has rushed in quickly so i have moved back around to where i started,   for this image using 1/6 th sec exposure at f20 .

Onto the breakwater now, the sea is coming in very fast over the shallow sand and i have to shoot fast and move back constantly as the waves are coming over the rocks and me!

                                                                             1/2 sec f20

                                   the sky is darkening which is great, giving a moody look
                                                                       1/2 sec f18

                                                                        1/4 sec f18

this is the shot i wanted with the water flowing over all the rocks , and yes my feet got a good soaking   Oooops                     1/2 sec f18

the sky has really darkened and look at the rainbow :)   Mollster is not bothered lol   enjoying the waves now

the wind has increased and with it the waves are crashing big style now :)  this is a crop from a long lens shot

                                                        she has to pose at least once :D

                             Another rainbow behind the lighthouse this time   great stuff!

                       great cloud formations today , looks like heavy rain in the distance now

I need to get a good ND filter to get longer exposure to produce silky smooth water effects , its on my shopping list now :)