Monday, 30 June 2014

Terrible Twosome at Penmon Point and Llandudno north shore 2nd Feb 2014

A day out to Penmon point on the island of Anglesey off the north wales coast ,  a long exposure image first to blur the sea , the sun was immediately behind me so was very difficult to prevent either my shadow or tripod in the foreground of the shot.

                    The dogs were playing on the beach and i used long lens to shoot Chester :)

                                                                          Having a rest  lol

Lying in wait!

                                           something has caught Mollsters attention :)

We are now going to drive over to the North shore at Llandudno , the sun is getting low in the sky and giving lovely colour on the sand.   only a small part of the beach is dog friendly  and it is quite a busy sunny early February day.

Using 400mm lens and a1 servo on camera to focus track the running dogs , i have managed a series of shots , these are the best of about 100 odd i shot.

                                           Terrible Twosome having fun with the ball

                                                                      Mad Spaniel :D

                                                                  Running full speed!

After an enjoyable time on the beach, its now time for Sunset shots from the top of the Great Orme.
unfortunately its not going to be a good one

                 Really like this Atmospheric image of light shining through the low misty cloud :)

                                                                The end of a great day

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Long Exposures at Perch Rock Lighthouse Jan 20th 2014

I have been longing to try out my new 10 stop nd filter again since coming back from Budapest , the high tide is about mid day at Perch Rock on the Wirral peninsula so I'm am heading down there with Mollster.

Arriving with plenty of time before the tide comes up to the breakwater , the sky is dark and brooding over towards  Liverpool side of the estuary, but the sun is out and lighting up the ripples in the sand :)

Around the other side of the lighthouse the tide comes in first through the rock pools, Mollster is playing on the sand while the water is getting higher up the beach.

Moving onto the breakwater to set up the tripod so i can start practicing with exposure times , i have shot this portrait view before better.  but i got soaked  lol

                                                                      81 seconds @f18

                                                 Moving to the centre of the breakwater

                                                                  71 seconds @f16

                                                                    76 seconds @f16

a simple composition without the lighthouse , just with the curve of the breakwater stones peaking above the water :)
                                                                      76 seconds @ f16

                       that was a good try out of the Tiffen 10 stop nd filter , must try again soon :)

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Castle Hill Budapest pt3 6th january 2014

Continuing our final day in Budapest on castle hill , pt2 HERE , after having dinner the sun is starting to set,  the colour of the setting sun is turning the buildings a glorious colour :)

                                                               The Mathius church

 standing on the Fishermans bastion wall watching the buildings turn colour and finally into shade as the sun sets behind us :)

After a quick drink in a small cafe all the flood lights are on now, i have framed the Bastions battlements through this arch over the staircase.

                                                             the moon is out now :)

 Looking up towards the Chain bridge and  Buda castle on the right with the Citidel in the distance high up on the hill.   pity we never had time to go up there, maybe next time :)

                                                                   Moon above the Spire

  One last image of the Fishermans Bastion we are going to head back to Buda castle above the venicular railway and our way back down.

                                              We are now under Buda castle all lit up :)

                                                       The Moon is following us  lol

                    The chain bridge from the top of venicular railway and St Stephens Basillica

                                   Superb view from up here looking down the Danube

                                                 a final Panorama from a beautiful city :)

Goodbye Budapest , its been a superb short break for my birthday. hope to return again some day hopefully.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Budapest Castle Hill 6th january 2014 PT2

Continuing the last day in Budapest, Jan and i are on Castle Hill heading towards the Fisherman's Bastion.   its come over a bit cloudy at the moment but its still quite warm for January , just into double figures :)
Walking through the courtyard next to the Matthias Church ,having just photographed a Hooded Crow , we marvel at the stunning architecture . the statues are amazing in the central area.

Walking up onto the upper level we get superb views of the turrets and arch windows , its very busy up here today , cant imagine what it must be like in peak season.  i did read somewhere that said you would have no chance of taking pictures without people getting in the way  lol

The view up river towards Margaret bridge and the island mid river.

Here i am in front of the church .

                         Looking through one of the many arch's to the Parliament building.

                                           the front of the Bastion , very elaborate!

                                                                           The inside :)

Here is the view looking towards the Citadel on Gellert hill in the distance to the right of the bridges

                                                                  a weird looking panorama :)

                  Jan in the courtyard as the low sun starts to set producing long shadows

                                                          another couple of  Arch shots :D

             Walking through the village and looking in the small souvenir shops and feeling hungry

We have come to a small restaurant , so as we haven't eaten anything today and its past 2 o'clock we decide to go in here , just a few pics from out side & inside

                                Deep fried chicken sounds good to me, Jan wants the Goulash

                       its really nice in hear , with stone cellars with tables and more upstairs.

               as we come out Jan spots a iron clad statue     "do not touch"   Yes Jan   tut tut :)

to be continued .............................................................................