Thursday, 4 February 2021

Snowdons Watkin Path in the snow with Ozzy 7 th Dec 2020

 Today , just after the latest Coronavirus Lockdown #2  has ended and there is snow on the mountains in Snowdonia  I will take Ozzy to see snow for the first time.  Stopping off on the way at Llynnau  Mymbyr to take a couple of images. 

         A short drone flight to get this image with Snowdon's peak covered in snow in the distance.
It appears the snow level is quite high , hopefully it will be lower on the other side where the Watkin path goes up.

                                     9 frame panorama overlooking Snowdon horseshoe 

Having driven down and parked up at the start of the Watkin path ,Looking down from the first section of the path through the woods the valley is filled with mist and it looks fabulous just as the sun pokes over the top of the hills behind.

Through the short forest track and we have come out into the open , the light is fabulous and I must get the drone up.
The mist is still on the valley floor but dispersing quickly as the sun comes up and illuminates the trees in lovely golden light. 
                                        9 frames merged  View Large HERE

That was good to get those images as the mist has totally cleared already! , Now time to get up past the waterfalls and find snow for Ozzy .

Up at the top of the waterfalls and the valley floor , the snow level is still very high ahead of us.

Ozzy keeps wanting to go in the stream , but it is way too cold for him.

Looking back down the valley at the rapidly disappearing blue sky!

What's all this white stuff Dad Ozzy must be thinking.
He has never seen snow before.

                                                                   I can see you Ozzy.

                              The path is getting quite icy , time to put studs on my boots I think.

Where did all the blue sky go?  Clouding over fast now and its getting quite windy the higher up I go.

                                                   Watch out Ozzy, the snows deep here!

                                                 Snowdon's  summit is under a snow storm

              Looks like a few big snow storms over towards the estuary being illuminated by the sun.

  Great views looking towards Allt Maenderyn on the right and the peak of Y Arun over to the left side.

We are almost at the top to the ridge now, the snow is up to knee deep in the gully's and getting harder to walk in. 

                                                       The peak of Bwlch Ciliau 

          Finally on to the Bwlch Ciliau ridge overlooking Llyn Llydaw , the snow level is quite high ,                   with nothing low down on the Pyg or Miners tracks.

                                                              Great views up here Ozzy

There is a 600ft drop straight down off this edge!  and there is a big snow storm coming straight for us.

                                                                             Snowing !

                                             Snowing  heavy now, time to get back down.

                                                          Down through the slate piles.

                                       Typical    blue sky now I have come back down!

Back were we began looking down the mist filled valley , But now the late setting sun is lighting up the fields.      Back up with the drone .

18 frame panorama  p4p drone view large HERE

The end of a fabulous day in Snowdonia .   the last for quite some time as the Coronavirus pandemic gets worse!