Monday, 2 September 2019

Devon Cornwall Holiday pt 1 Mortehoe

We are on Holiday again, this time heading to Devon and Cornwall.   First stop is in North Devon at Mortehoe and the North Morte Farm campsite  , right on the cliffs above Rockham Bay .

                                                                            Great view

Time to walk down to the coastal path with the Terrible Twosome  and to see where I can shoot tonight at sunset.

Looking back up to the campsite...…………...

Its very warm and Chester is tired already!

On to the coastal path , the beach is actually closed due to a rock fall.  but there are plenty of people down there.

Rock formations on the beach Look very interesting, but they will be underwater by tonight as the tide is coming in now, and its clouding over a bit , That might ruin sunset .

I think this will be where I will shoot tonight , was going to go along to Mortehoe point, but its a long walk , especially when its not looking like a good sunset.

A couple of hours later I have walked down ready for sunset ,   up with the drone first and I have flown around to the right towards Bull Point lighthouse .  single frame

                                                 9 Frame panorama showing the peninsula.

          Now for a dslr image, 10 seconds f14      5dsr  17-40 L     0.6 soft nd grad and little stopper

The sun is getting low and has just illuminated the cliffs a gorgeous red colour , need to get the drone up fast to get a couple of images as this will only last a few minutes.
A first panorama set I have shot looks great but must have knocked the iso up to 800 when altering the shutter speed so they are not good enough.  a quick change back to 100 and I take another set and that's it, the light has gone!     this is a single frame out of a panorama set .

The cloud has now filled in and there is not going to be a sunset as I feared earlier , but the cloud is looking interesting up high so might get something good soon.

                                             5dsr   60 seconds f14 with big stopper.

The cloud has started breaking so i have put the drone up again,  5 frame Vertorama shows the sky off really well .  Unfortunately it hasn't coloured up .

                   Back to the dslr for a couple more images just as the sun breaks the horizon.

That was the last image I shot ,  the cloud completely covered the sky

Tomorrow we are heading to Clovelly...……….