Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Corfu pt 6 Kassiopi Harbour and Butterflies

An early start to walk down to Kassiopi harbour and go up to the castle to fly over the harbour.
the sun is facing me so there is too much glare on the water for what i want to shoot,  so only a few images taken.

                    The peninsula in the distance is where we have been the last couple of days.

                   Looking out on the small peninsula which will be good spot for sunset i think .

                                                                       Kassiopi harbour.

                            Time to head back now , Jan wants to go swimming back at Avlaki .

      A couple images to start then i will shoot some video of Jan swimming before i go bug hunting .

                                                                         Great place to swim

There are a few large Carpenter Bees feding on the yellow flowers , i have struggled to get an image of one so far as they are very fast!

Best i have managed , so tricky shooting a dark subject against a bright flowerand keeping detail in the Bee.

I have walked around to the usuall location neer the pool , managed just one shot of this pair of what i think are Wood Whites.

  Eastern Bath White  , similar to the Eastern Dappled white  i photographed earlier this week which  had yellow markings on the underside of forewings.

One of numerous Clouded Yellows flying around , want to get a blue background but this is the best i have managed!

                                                                     Habitat shot .

                                                                          A Brimstone.

                                                                    Cleopatra Brimstone.

                                           I have got beautiful backlight for this Cleopatra :)

                                    One of hundreds of Crickets/Kaytids that are everywhere .

                                                                     A tiny Miner Bee

                                                  a small chafer beetle buried in a flower  lol

Time to head back to the beach and off to dinner.