Friday, 29 March 2019

Barmouth and Estuary Portmerion Feb 26

Early on Monday morning  we have left the Cadir Idris carpark where we stayed the night and have driven around to Barmouth,  as we come around the estuary the rising sun is illuminating all the humps and patterns in the sand. I said we should have stopped to get some images but couldn't find a suitable place to stop.     Passing the rail bridge the ripples in the sand look fabulous while the tide is out.   Anyhow  we have gone around to the main beach and parked up,  time to give the dogs a run on the beach, which is still dog friendly at this time of year!

After running the Terible Twosome I have left Jan in the van and have walked around past the rail bridge to fly the drone  over the sandbanks out in the estuary.  unfortunately the tide has come in already and a lot of the area I spotted earlier has now been submerged!

Taking off from the large flat area just past the bridge I take this multi image Vertorama, stiched in lightroom.

Flying a bit further out into the estuary and looking towards the bridge,  the low sun is still showing up all the sand ripples and textures.

                                            The railway bridge, shot as a 3 frame hdr.

Back out over the rising tide to the remaining sandbanks,   a couple more Vertoramas.   both 5 frames merged in lightroom.

Flying in close now, its getting quite windy out there, presumably because the tide has turned and is coming in fast .  Most of the sandbanks are covered now unfortunately, but the sand /mud in the corner behind me looks interesting so I fly directly overhead to shoot topdown.

Time to leave Barmouth , its really warm in the sun at almost 20 dgrees again. just like a summers day . We have decided to drive right up the coast and around the estuary to park up for the afternoon opposite Portmeirion.
Its almost high tide now, the mud flats and marshes are almost covered.

Portmeirion Village ,  where the Prisoner tv series was filmed.   a two frame panorama shot with canon 5d2 and 100-400mmL

Now to take the drone up,  straight out into the estuary  to look back at the headland.   a 9 frame panorama

                       Now moving closer to show Portmeirion village , again 9 frames merged.

Time to change the battery , I have one left.  
The island in the estuary is called Ynys Gifftan , the marshes look really interesting from what I could see on the first flight so I will go out to take a look.

                                                                 A 9 frame panorama
                     With the Snowdon range in the background , Ynys Gifftan and the marshes .

                               Topdown over the marshes .4 frames merged to show larger area.

                                     Vertorama looking towards the island.  4 frames merged .

                                                              21 frame 180 degree  panoramas

                      The end of a great long weekend in the van .Fabulous weather for February.

                        one last image , you can see the van parked near the cottage on the  point

Thursday, 28 March 2019

Cadair Idris long weekend pt 1 Feb 25

We have a long weekend away in the van,  Early Sunday morning we are off in the van heading to Cadair Idris , a place I have still not visited.  The main car park is suitable to stay overnight so sunday evening stop over then drive somewhere else on Monday.  The weather forecast is looking very good, unseasonal high temperatures of about 20 dgrees in February is unheard of!

 Driving through the valleys full of mist, so atmospheric and should have stopped to take some images but couldn't find anywhere to stop unfortunately.

Arrived at the car park at 9.30 ,  and after pancakes for breakfast we start our walk up towards Cadair Idris.  This line of trees leading from the car park are superb.

It looks like a steep climb initially up through the forest heading right before the terrain opens up as we get high above the trees.

The Terrible Twosome posing in the warm sun,   it was a good idea to leave coats in the van and just take fleeces with us as its very warm climbing up here.

We are now out in the open above the last stand of trees, this will be a good place to take a drone flight.

                                                         Chester looks tired already!

                                                                          Drone selfi

                                                        Looking back down the valley

A Vertorama image , I flew the drone back down to look up at the trees in front of us with the mountains behind.

                                                       The view back down the valley.

                                                              A 5 frame vertorama

                                                                       Hand catch.

  Now time to get walking , uphill all the way up to Llyn Cau , its a fairly good rocky path that winds up the valley .

                                       The Terrible Twosome have found a posing platform .

                             Time for another short drone flight , looking down behind us .

                                   Fabulous view down the valley , 9 frame panorama.

                      And looking up towards Cadair Idris , Llyn Cau is nestled below the summit.

                                       Meanwhile , Chester is posing , a rare occurrence!

                 We have now hiked up to the lake , Mollster is straining to get in the water   haha

                                    Cooling off ,  cant believe its over 20 dgrees in February!

I have left Jan with Mollster down by the lake and Chester has followed me up to the ridge so I can fly from up here.

 Chester is looking down to see Mol ,  he then runs all the way down back to Jan before running all the way back up   haha

                      Up with the drone,  a 9 frame panorama , the light is a bit flat unfortunately.

                        Looking over the ridge back down the valley .again 9 frames .

                            Back over the ridge looking towards Cadair Idris and Llyn Cau.
A bit more blue in the sky now,   but no direct sun to give depth and shadows across the mountains.

                                                          6 frame Vertorama selfi

                                   Back down to the lake and a phone image of the reflections.

                Time to head back down now, Jan is tired and doesn't feel up to going higher.
                  and now the sun breaks through again, typical !

                    Its a bit hazy down in the valley now. still a long way back down to the van !

                                                 At the bottom now, and a rest in the van .

                 Late afternoon sun streaming through the open van side door and Jan has wine !

                                                     As the sun sets,  not much colour

                                 Up with the drone and a 100% crop from a single image.

                                                       9 frame panorama after sundown.

                    The end of a great day, tomorrow we are heading towards Barmouth.