Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Charlottenburg Palace jan 2016

Our last morning in Berlin, and its sunny with blue sky!   typical isn't it, rain every day and now we are leaving and its beautiful weather!   
Jan is staying with her Daughter and grandson while i take Fergus out for a walk to Chatlottenburg Palace which is only 20 mins walk away.
Arriving at the Palace there are patches of cloud but blue sky close by .......

                                              A bit of sun on the statue on the dome :)

                          There are loads of building work here, all along the building fenced off.

                                        I  Love the Urns that are prominent all around here.

                                                                      Yay!    blue sky :)

                                                     Fergus is posing as well as Mollster :)

 The gardens are well laid out, i bet they look superb in the summer all planted with bedding plants .

       Christmas tree branches are protecting the beds from the frost and they look quite nice also.

                                         It is really cold still, the fountain pool is frozen solid!

 Looking back towards the Palace , the lake is just behind me , i have just enough time to walk around and then back home.

                                                    The statues along the dam wall .

           A Long lens shot of the building at the bottom of the gardens across the frozen lake.

                          On the bridge looking at the Palace , time to walk around the lake now.

 I have just spotted a Grey Heron on the ice , i quickly walk across this bridge and crouch down behind some rushes , Fergus is being really good and quiet :D

 "Ice Fishing"

 After about 10 minutes watching the Heron, time to walk quickly back now, don't want to be late , we have to get to the airport for about 2 o'clock.

                                  There is some lovely light on the building through the trees .

Back through the woodland towards the entrance...

       Sun on the Palace front , the tree looks stark in comparison to the beautiful coloured building.

                                 A Final image, and one of my favorites from this morning :)

The end of our stay in Berlin.