Sunday, 22 November 2020

Snowdons Watkin Path 21 st September 2020

 Today i am going up Snowdons fabulous Watkin path , with Ozzy and drone for an adventure .

Having driven all the way into Snowdonia and down towards Llyn Gwynant the conditions look great for a quick drone flight, so stopping right next to the lake I take these images with the Phantom 4 pro drone.

Now to start the Watkin path , parking near the small cafe in the lay by ,  taking the path through the woods.

                                        Out into the open for a first glimpse of the waterfalls 

At the top of the large waterfall by the first blue pool I stop and get the drone up in the air for a couple images.

Now to continue up to the top of the falls where the valley flattens out by the hydro dam on the stream.
It is quite hot already , so I let Ozzy jump into the deep crystal clear water in one of the pools.

                                              The Hydro electric dam on the stream.

                                      Time to put the drone up again for a quick image.
The path winds up the flat valley floor all the way past the Gladstone Rock and up to a ruined quarry building where the path starts to climb steeply.


                                                        These slate fences are fabulous.

The ruined buildings near the old slate quarry's , I think these used to be stables for the horses.

                                          The way ahead , steep uphill from now on.

Getting fabulous views now 

Hazy view towards the sea.

That is the Summit of Snowdon up there , the steep scree section leading up to the top looks fairly busy today , in fact I have never seen so many people on this route    Ever!
I am not going up to the top today , just want to get the drone up above the ridge overlooking Llyn Llydaw.

                                      First view over the ridge looking down on the lake.

                                  There is a 600ft drop straight down just over this ridge.

Time for a rest before flying , its fairly windy up here but very hot in the sun out of the wind. 

                                                                    Standing on the Edge 
                                                                      Bwlch Cillau ridge 

                                        Bwlch Cillau ridge panorama ,  9 frames p4p drone 

                                                    5 frame Vertorama of Llyn Llydaw 

                                        Snowdon Summit, Crob Goch and Llyn Glaslyn 

                                                                          Bwlch Cillau

Time to head back down now , there is a big que of people waiting to get to the summit on the top of Snowdon!    crazy amount of people up here today! 

                                                           Back to the blue pools                   

                                                Looking down the valley from the waterfalls 

                               The end of a fabulous day on Snowdon , knackered now!  

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Port Wen brickworks and Porcelane works 14 th September 2020


Today I have travelled to the North coast of Anglesey , to walk along the coastal path, firstly Port Wen brickworks  and then further along to the old Porcelain works. 

First flight from the headland overlooking the brickworks , its a beautiful early morning, warm and sunny with no wind.  Ozzy is sitting next to me.

                                                                   6 frame Vertorama 

                                Out from the headland looking back  9 frames merged 

                                          Topdown from 398 ft   alomost the maximum allowed (400ft)

                                                 Second flight , further around the corner.

I have now walked around the headland , the early morning light is quite nice,  here is a topdown image , combined of loads of frames 

                  Out to the right is Llanlleiana head , which I will walk to after this flight.

                                     9 frame panorama showing the entire headland 
the brickworks is on the left side next to the beach ,  the China works are behind the headland on the right. 

I have now walked along the coastal path towards Llanlleiana head ,  unfortunately I left my last drone battery in the car, and its too far to go back for it  Ooops    it is hot now also, so Ozzy needs to go for a swim to cool off.

     The heather is still in flower up here , a week or so ago it would have looked amazing in full flower.

                              The old China porcelain works are in view now , and a beach for Ozzy .

                                                             Almost there now Ozzy 

                                                                     A floating puppy !


                      Happy pup , and I have spotted a couple of seals out in the bay watching him.  

                                                 After a good swim he still wants more   haha 

                      Looking further down the coastline , if only I had another drone battery  Doh!

                                   One last image, this north coast of Anglesey is really beautiful. 

It is still only mid morning , and its been  great to be out early for a change.

Monday, 16 November 2020

Ozzys First Mountain 30 th July 2020

 Today,  now Ozzy is almost a year old  I am going to take him up his first mountain summit,  as with Molly it will be fitting that it is the same that she did  Y-Garn in the Ogwen valley in  Snowdonia. HERE

Having Parked along Llyn Ogwen and walked along to the white cottages , the start of the walk up to Llyn Idwal.     The mountain path goes through this rock gorge behind the visitor centre .

                                                       Ozzy jumped the style no problem .

I will keep him on the lead up here , there are sheep and Mountain Goats,  and he may jump of a sheer drop also.

                             Looking down Ogwen valley, Cym Idwal is on the right

                                                The Glyders looking very atmospheric.

Onwards and upwards , its a fairly easy path most of the way until the steeper scree section which is always very slippery underfoot.

                                                                    Treat time for Ozzy 

                                       Pen-y-ole-wen on the left with Llyn Ogwen on the right.

                                               Haha     wonder what he is thinking right now!

Looking down from the scree section at Llyn Ogwen on the left ,  Cym Idwal in the middle , Tryfan over to the right ,  it is easier going up than down.  All the rock slides under your feet.  its actually easiest in the snow :)

                  Cairn on the final slope to the summit , the Snowdon range in the background.

                                                                          Made it!    

Great view from up here ,   its quite busy up here with 5 others at the summit.    I guess Snowdon will be absolutely rammed with people today!

                                         Posing on his first Summit , Well done Ozzy 


                                              Tryfan and the Glyders over to the right corner 

                              Panorama Pen-yr-ole-wen , Tryfan and Glyder Fach

                                             Cairn stones with Snowdon range behind

                                                    The path towards Glyder Fawr 

                              Time to head back down now past a cairn near to top of the scree

                                                                    A last look Ozzy 

After descending the scree , which was extremely slippery , i look back to where we have just come from  , it will be covered in snow the next time we come up here hopefully.

                                                                          Final image 

A great day in Snowdonia  , hopefully wont be too long before another adventure here...........  Covid dependant