Sunday, 8 January 2012

Jan 8th Alian Blob and springtails at whixall moss

I travelled to whixall moss in Shropshire this morning just to get out shooting, the forecast looked ok!

The plan was to look for more springtails , hopefully a few different species , as i have only been shooting globulars recently.

It was quite overcast when i arrived, but still warmish and still.  almost straight away i found some springys on the wooden fence posts :)
they are very small, about 2  mm in length , shot at x5 mag with canon mpe-65 and cropped!

                                               And another one, not sure if different species.

  I then found a Ant-mimic spider,  not a good shot ,but i have only ever seen one before !    this one did not want to be shot so this is the only shot i got!!!!!

i then found "THE BLOB"   it is in fact a Hoverfly larvae , not seen one before but they have very interesting skin textures!   it was about 10mm in length.

                                                           amazing translucent skin!!!!

A  few more springtail shots :)

Then another spider, a male with big boxing gloves !   Haha

Then the rain came!!!!   i got soaked!! and that was the end of the shoot:(

all images canon 5d2, mpe-65

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