Monday, 27 February 2012

Sumatran Tiger Cubs at Chester Zoo jan/feb 2012

In between climbing mountains i have been visiting Chester zoo to shoot the tiger cubs.Pete has been spending a lot of time their shooting them, way more than i have!  im too impatient to wait for them to wake up and come out to play!  lol   it is so difficult with either glass or wire mesh to shoot though!     the enclosure is quite dark with all the big trees blocking light so have to shoot at high iso to get fast enough shutterspeed!

the cubs were 14 weeks old when i first saw them.They were born on 21st October     First are two pictures of their mother "Kirana" , i managed to lie on the floor in front of the glass viewing screen to get a good low angle to shoot from.  think they came out really well!

                 Now the cub pics, these first few are shot through wire mesh with 70-300is lens

                               They do sleep alot, but then they come out to play with mom :)

                                                                     Mom Having a rest!!!!

Here are two of Petes cub shots :)    a superb low composition, they are so cute at the moment!!!!!

and a more recent shot from last week of the pair! 

Here is my favourite shot, a big crop at high iso unfortunately, but its a special moment with mother and cub :D

                      All images taken with canon 5d2, 70-300 is  & 550d 100-400mm L (Pete)

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