Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Cumbrian Mountains Haystacks & Fleetwith Pike April 15 2012

Sundays trip was Special!  i finally went up to Alfred Wainwrights resting place "Innominate Tarn" just below the summit of Haystacks:)  
This is a long photo blog, loads of images :D
The plan was to look around Grey Knotts area where the Mountain Ringlet butterflies will be in June/July, then cross over to Haystacks and then Fleetwith Pike. a long walk!  lol
I parked at Honister slate mine car park at 9.40am , only a few cars there surprisingly as the weather was looking great!

Wonderful blue sky as i set off up the ziz zag road track on the left :)

 Gaining height rapidly getting a great view back down Honister pass to the mine.

                      The track climbs steeply as you can see , and then levels out  at Drumhouse

At Drumhouse, the path splits left towards Grey Knotts which is one of the "Wainwrights" at 2287ft .  Here is where the Mountain Ringlet butterflies will be found along the north facing slopes of Grey Knott and the surrounding area.  they will emerge in June through early July, cant wait to see them. one of my target species for this year:)  i make my way along this track up onto the slopes of Grey Knott!  a nice steady climb in the warm sun:)

This is hopefully where i will see the Mountain Ringets in a few months time:)

       Now i am on the slopes of Grey Knotts, the views are amazing!!!!!!!!  looking down the Buttermere valley towards Crummock water. i can see Scotland very clearly in the distance.  The piles of stones are called "Cairns" most of the summits have them and also at various other high points:)

        Here i am :) with  Buttermere valley behind! in an area called "piles of stones" 

                                             traces of snow still on "pillar" in the background.

        Another shot with frozen pools in foreground, still very cold up here, no sign of any butterflies :(

Now from higher up on Grey Knotts, from one of cairns !  What a view!

Now i turn down to head towards Haystacks another of the "Wainwrights" at 1959ft ,the dark peak in deep shade on the left in the previous image.  down the steep valley with Blackbeck tarn just to the right of Haystacks .

                  I get a superb panorama view of the Ennerdale/Buttermere valleys   View Large

Getting past the bottom of the valley, across a few small streams and a lot of boggy ground!   think i missed the path actually ! lol,    to the left of Blackbeck tarn and start climbing up towards Haystacks i came across a small tarn.

          I soon came to an amazing view across to "pillar" on the left ,  and looking down Ennerdale water with High Stile and Buttermere on the right View Large

Its 11.45 am , At last i come to AWs resting place "Innominate Tarn"  so special to be here at last!!!!  sitting here in silence eating lunch with just 2 ducks for company :)))) 

I now make the short climb up to the summit cairns of Haystacks!  before i get there i shot this image looking down Ennerdale valley .

 amazing views yet again from all 3 summits, hard to tell actually how many summits there are!  its so hummocky!

                                                                           View Large

That was Haystacks, really loved being up there! , now off towards Fleetwith pike next , another of the "Wainwrights" at 2126ft , but down to Blackbeck tarn first  with a superb view down Buttermere valley before i get to the tarn.

                                            Blackbeck tarn NOT exactly a pretty tarn is it?   lol

I made my way down the valley following my viewranger app on phone,  the path i wanted to take up towards Fleetwith Pike was not very clear!!!!!!!!   i came to Dubbs quarry with its old slate built buildings

   Heading back towards Buttermere valley and then up the hillside to find the path up to Fleetwith Pike.

                      Eventually i found my way up the slopes of Fleetwith :)  the summit in sight :)

                         And the classic view down Buttermere valley from the summit cairn:)))
                                             Pity its clouded over now down the bottom end:(

Must say Fleetwith Pike was a little disappointing after Haystacks:(   a bit boring actually :D
The path back towards the mines was fairly straight forward,and another small tarn !

a mountain shot on the way back towards Honister pass

                                               the way down through the slate Monuments  :))))

      and looking back up the steep track i have just struggled to come down without slipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A train waiting for me at the bottom:D

The end of an amazing walk with views to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!

acording to viewranger , 8.30 miles, 5 hrs 28 mins,total height gained 3,353 ft

all images shot canon 5d2 and 17-40L


  1. Some outstanding photos. A special day indeed. I did Fleetwith Pike lasy year but haven't done Haystacks for about 6 years. You have inspired me to return! :)

  2. very nice Phil, it looks great. Some nice shots too.

  3. Another great blog and looks like a wonderful place. My fav shot is the one where you had lunch with the two ducks for company - looks so peaceful - ah bliss.

  4. Memory's , memorys', haven't walked here for years , some great images , of a great day out

  5. Some stunning shots.

    Difficult to choose but my favourite shots were:
    7,11,12 - the panoramic shot of Ennerdale/Buttermere,14, 17, 18, 19, 22, 27,

    I particularly like it when there is a detail in the foreground and then the sweep of landscape behind. Gives a sense of scale.


  6. Lovely shots Phil.

    I love the Buttermere / Honister areas and have been there many times. Driving, not walking though. Always on a round about trip down towards Ennerdale and the Hardknott / Wrynose passes :).

    The Causey pike is a cracker too. Wonderful views.