Monday, 9 July 2012

Return to Wyre forest Butterflies & Others june 10 th

Another trip to the beautiful Wyre forest, weather was looking quite warm and sunny!  the Wood whites will still be showing But, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillaries have started emerging so a hunt for those  will be the starting point .  The marshy areas down by Dowles brook will be the best place to search.  
Straight away Demoiselles could be seen flying , both Banded and Beautifulls , but i only managed this one shot of a female banded Demoiselle.

walking though the meadow there were loads of peal bordered but could not see any small pearls unfortunately:(       i used my canon mpe-65 macro lens to shoot this Dancefly feeding.

                                                        a speckled bush cricket nymph

                       Then on a wooden fence post , two different species of shield bugs:))))

These meadows where alive with insects of all kinds, some i had never seen before but didn't really spend time shooting them as i wanted to find the small pearls hopefully at the Hurst coppice area .
on the way back through the meadow to the car park i found this crab spider which had just caught its meal:)

I now drove back to the other end of the forest , and started walking down the track to Hurst Coppice , there were Dor beetles everywhere on the track.

                                                       Time to get the mpe out again :)

  i made my way down past the pigs and down to the area i was in last week where all the wood whites were.straight away i found a few either feeding or perched up :))

                 I had a good search for small pearls but only spotted Pearl bordered :(

                                                        and a very early Large Skipper :)

But on the sandy ground i noticed a beautiful black & white Bee burrowing ,a Ashy Miner bee  Andrena cineria .    i set up the mpe again and waited for it to emerge from its burrow :)

One final Wood White image

That was enough for today ,but while walking back up to the car , i found this wolf spider with her babies being carried on her back, mpe time again :)

Stopping off at another site on way home, i shot these Grizzled skippers

                                               and a longhorn beetle Agapanthia villosoviridesce

The end of another good days shooting , but still haven't managed to see small pearl bordereds yet!

         Next trip is to the cumbrian mountains for a good climb and to see butterflies too :)))


  1. Were these from the trip out when I came? I remember the mass Dor Beetle shot hehe.

    A fantastic day out and once again, thanks for showing me the delights of the Wyre Forest.

    As always, an exceptional set of shots Phil.

  2. Great photos - spider one beautiful and horrible at the same time! Butterflies just beautiulf though :-)

  3. What utterly beautiful photographs

  4. Great as always!

  5. Another good blog Phil. Love the bee portrait shot - really pretty bees arent they. Those long-horn beetles are amazing arent they, we found one at the beginning of last week. Superb butterfly shots as usual.

  6. Extraordinary. As ever.
    The shot of the dancefly feeding and that close up of the Dor beetle - incredible Phil.
    Thank you.

  7. Hey Phil, great blog, love the wood whites and other flutterbys :) still not so found of the wolf spiders! Kinda eeky...