Friday, 10 August 2012

Scarce blue tail Damselflys in snowdonia july 5th

A quick trip up to the mountain lakes above Betws-y -coed early one morning , before making an afternoon visit to one of my favourite shooting areas, South Stack on Anglesey.  the weather as usual for this summer is not looking very good,  cool , breezy and fairly dull!  not very good in other words  Arghhhh.

any how i arrived and went in search of the Scarce Blue Tail damsels , it is only the beautiful orange "aurantica" form i am interested in photographing.  last year i shot them almost a month earlier , see last years  Blog
this is my second visit, the previous time i didnt see any so hopefully they will have emerged.  after about 20 minutes i had yet to see one, not good!  there appear to be quite a few newly emerged Keeled skimmers and black darters which shows how late everything is this year!  since the area i am looking for them is only very small after a third search i finally find a "Aurantica"   stunning damselflies to look at.

                                  this is the area , shallow water with very boggy margins

a quick shot of a Keeled Skimmer

as you can see, its very dull.  after squelching around for another 10-15 mins i found 2 more "Auranticas"  one of which looked like it had just emerged this morning as there was hardly any colour.
these are the best images i could get , even with high iso could not get a fast enough shutter speed to get really sharp images.

They really are beautiful :)

i finished of with an Emerald damselfly

sorry it was a short blog, but today's story will continue :)

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  1. Still waiting for the photography book! Like the new bog design...
    Great photos must be bored of me saying that but they are superb!