Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Snowdonia in the snow , Miners track walk with the Mollster

The snowy mountains look wonderful, especially with blue sky , so walking along the miners track towards Snowdon gives stunning views and a nice easy walk.

the first view i, Ooops sorry.   We get :D      mustn't forget the Mollster.    is towards Moel Siabod , the low sun picking up all the undulations in the snow!  fabulous

of course Molly just has to spoil a good view  lol   and ruin the nice snow with paw prints!  Mmmm

having made our way around the level section Mt Snowdon summit comes into view , i do love this area especially when like this.  Molly is enjoying herself anyhow

turning the corner to get the view over Llyn Teyrn with Snowdon just visible,  WOW!  always a fantastic sight :)      think this is my best pic of the day.

                                  Mol  just had to stick her head in the way!     hehe

we are now way past the lake and i turn around to shoot the view looking back from the direction we have just walked

continuing on until we reach Llyn Llydaw , Mol is loving playing in the ever increasingly deep snow, this lake is quiet often calm giving good reflections and as i reach the causeway that goes over the lake, i stop to shoot her in the snow.  its a pity it has clouded over a bit, but its patchy and will clear again.


walking around the lake the views are stunning, the clouds are building over Moel Siabod in the distance and the sun breaks through lighting up the snow, marvellous!

           having made our way around to the other side of the lake the sun is coming out again 

                       wonderful light now , don't know how long it will last though.

                                 She just HAS to get in the way!!!!!!!!!!!!   arghhhhhh  

           its days like this that make all the dreary dull wet ones a distant memory!  wonderful 

 heading up the steep path towards Glaslyn now, the snow is getting much deeper but is still easy to walk in but getting a little slippery on some of the larger rocks that have ice on . the sun is lighting up Moel Siabod in the distance

 the Snowdon horseshoe clearly visible , in these conditions i will only go up to Glaslyn today , only paid for 4 hours car park!

                                     here's Molly enjoying the snow and the freedom :)

we have almost reached Glaslyn now , the view down the valley is always a great sight , the sun lighting up the snow in the distance again

the lake comes into view , Molly's playing in the snow while i marvel at the wonderful cloud formation that's building,  here are a few shots.

this path traverses the mountain side meeting the Pyg track on its way to the summit. would need spikes today to cross the steep section , so i will turn back now and head down.

                                                      look at the view thinks Mollster :)

                                       the clouds over the summit are still looking good

                                back at Llyn Llydaw and its clouding over fast now........

   look at the difference to this morning, all dull & low cloud covering Snowdon now, the temperature is also dropping fast.

                                                                are we going home now?

its really gloomy and dull now , totally transforms the look of the landscape compared to the beautiful blue sky and sun we had earlier.

                 looking back the low cloud across the Snowdon horseshoe looks amazing!
                                                                     view LARGE

  Heading back to the car, getting really cold now without the sun but its been another amazing day in the mountains.    just love the snow .

What a fantastic day, Molly loved the snow and the climb .   cant wait for more snow, little did i know that in a weeks time we where in the next valley over in the snow again, the next blog .


  1. Yeahhhh Phil, Your Mollie is gorgeous! What a walk. :-)

  2. Great day out Phil, great set of photos

  3. Absolutely stunning, Phil and the Mollster is gorgeous - pawprints and all :-)

  4. Great photos - scenery and of course Molly the show-stealer.
    Love the blog :-)

  5. Hi Phil,
    It looks like you and Molly are having a great time. She looks very content.

    It's great to be able to see your fantastic pics of the area and of Molly.

  6. Looking at these makes me want to go back to Snowdonia! Again, great photos!

  7. Fantastic photos. Walked this last weekend. Managed to get to the summit, just! Plenty of snow from Glaslyn which made it a bit tricky. Lake frozen solid too.
    Great to recap. Thanks!

  8. Great photos, gorgeous dog! Hoping to get a walk like this in the next few days!