Friday, 20 December 2013

Church Bay Anglesey 21 july 2013

The weekend after getting home from Cornwall there is a caravan club meet on Anglesey near Church Bay.  it looks like we brought the good weather back from Cornwall with us as its looking like a very warm sunny weekend.  Jan took the van down early on friday , here parents are down in their van also and i have driven down Saturday evening after work.  there is a separate field at the farm to run the dogs so Moll gets a run as soon as i get there.
  Sunday morning and Jan has just plugged in her i phone into the caravans 12v socket and all the electrics have blown!!!!!!!      so much for a new e-bay bought plug!!!!!!!      i have replaced the blown fuse but it has blown again , but the fuse is intact!     No what ?    we have no idea how to fix it.  the fridge runs off gas so that's ok and we have plugged into the car for lights temporarily.  and now Jan's fathers car has just broken down a mile away on his way to a local shop  !   its all going wrong today , the Green flag are on the way from Hollyhead so i drop him off at his car to wait for them before we take the dogs out.
 we drive a couple of miles down to Church Bay, i have not visited anywhere on this coast of the island so should be interesting walk.

Arriving at the tiny car park i have managed  to get the last space, Phew :)      the harbour is tiny , with a lovely flat sandy beach with the tide right up, so we are going to walk around the coastal path first.

Its just like the Cornwall coastline, stunning with deep blue sky .     just around the headland there is a small shingle bay, perfect for the dogs to swim, hopefully ;)

Chester is straight in swimming,    the water is quite deep very close in and the tide is on the turn so no waves to frighten Mollster

Molly has swum after the ball but given up when she couldn't get it in her mouth, Chesters jaws are a lot larger and can grab it much easier when it is floating!

                                                              At least she is swimming :)

                                                                     Go fetch it Chester!!!!!!!!

                                                                      Yay!   good Boy

A passing lady has just picked the ball up Chester dropped and thrown it way out into the water, too far for even Chester to swim out to fetch..........  Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
                                               bloody stupid woman.........................

We have to carry on walking without playing now  Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh      i didnt say anything, good job really  lol    im not happy

                                                                Drying in the sun :)

                                           its a  Wonderful coastline here , must explore here again.

We have come to a beautiful small secluded bay, the seaweed is glowing in the bright sun

                                                           Mollster posing again :)

                  and that stupid woman has arrived with her husband in wetsuits,  plonkers!!!!!

 Leaving the cove we make our way back to the first beach , lovely wild flowers along the cliffs :)

Think we must come back to shoot the sunset tonight , looks a good location .  we spend an hour on the beach with the dogs after getting another ball out of the car.   then back to the caravan to try and fix the electrics problem!
Back at the van, the broken down car cant be fixed here, so has to be towed back to a garage!.and We just cant work out where the blown fuse is in the van,i  have checked all visible fuses are ok , and stupidly Jan has just plugged her phone in to charge and blown the circuit from the car!!!!!!   Arghhhhhhh     my phone is almost flat also :(             at this rate i am going to miss the sun set , so a mad dash down to the beach and......................

                                               MISSED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    so not happy right now!

Anyhow next morning we have to pack up early to go back home, cant stay longer without lights , but a dog walk is in order, so Sand beach is only a few miles away and.......
straight into the water , Awwww   bless them ..........

             Mollster is swimming again  Yay                       Chester is watching in amazement   lol

                                                                      One last shot :)

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