Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Terrible Twosome at Winterton on Sea Norfolk sept 11th 2013

After a day of torrential Norfolk rain yesterday where we stayed in the caravan, today we just have to go out, its not raining but is very windy!
    we have decided to take a drive to Winterton Dunes , we can park right next to the beach :)

          Its blowing a gale here,  but the dogs are straight in the sea amongst huge waves!

                                                              SPLADOUCH!    LOL

                                                          crouching down Mol , haha

                                                  totally soaked now the Terrible twosome

                                                       Water in the ears Mollster?   

the waves are getting big now , nearly high tide with a strong wing along the beach, if it was blowing inshore the waves would be dangerous today!

                                             Happy Jan, all snug against the wind :D

                      Sand is blowing along the beach in the strong wind , run ,run dogs :)

                                                                Dont go out there Chester!

                                                        a very wet Terrible Twosome

No one else here?    don't blame them really, but its not too bad now but looks like the clouds are building up for more rain soon.  Jan has gone back to the car to read , while i continue down the beach in the opposite direction .

                                                  I'm not getting my paws wet   BOL
                                                  be careful Chester out in the surf

                                               a glimmer of sun , it wont last i fear.

              about time Mollster posed for the camera today,she is drying quickly in the wind

               a good run up and down the beach and they are soon almost dry , and tired :)

                      think its time to retreat back to the car , its looking threatening now!

just as i get near to the car park, two seals pop up on the beach further up  , pity i couldn't get a pic.
back to the caravan now, we have better forecast for tomorrow so we are going windmill hunting :)

                        all images shot with canon 5dmk2, 70-300 is & 14-40L

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