Sunday, 18 May 2014

Budapest 5th january 2014

Today, its my birthday :)  and we are going to take a walk around Margaret island this morning, after breakfast we make our way towards Margaret Bridge  ,the way onto the island which is in the middle of the Danube, passing this beautiful building on the way.

       Arriving at the bridge and admiring its stunning architecture with the statues between the arches .

 Its quite dull this morning, but good reflections in the Danube , pity there isn't any sun as it would have made a big difference to the views. But the weather is looking very good for tomorrow :)

The island is accessible via the centre of the bridge , its Sunday morning and very busy here, there are loads of joggers on a purpose built running lane around the island along with plenty of cyclists and tourists.

 We have walked on to Margaret island , the first thing we see is this monument in a clearing amongst the trees.  in summer and autumn it must look really beautiful here .

Walking around the left hand side of the island  with a misty murky view towards the hills in the distance. moving towards the centre of the island we head to the Water tower monument.

Here is the Octagonal Water tower , built in 1911. with what looks like an open air cafe/restaurant around it,(out of view) all closed down for the winter i guess.  must be very busy in the hot summers they have here.

we have walked past a small children's  petting zoo which was quite busy and have found a stall selling Huge pretzels :)  yummy
walking down the river with views looking down towards the Parliament building in the distance.

love the lamps :)

a last view of Margaret bridge as we walk down towards Parliament building which is fenced off while a new tram station is being built.

This is as close we could get to the Hungarian Parliament buildings, loads of building work and people are waiting to go inside in a large make shift area across the square where the new station is being constructed.

                                                                 Truly" Magnificent "

                                              Heading back to the apartment now

                                                      Time for a drink and cake stop :)

                                                            Look at all those cakes :D

the end of a good walk and it looks like the weather has cleared up and going to be a clear night, so i will be able to shoot the floodlit buildings tonight :)  Yay

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