Monday, 30 June 2014

Terrible Twosome at Penmon Point and Llandudno north shore 2nd Feb 2014

A day out to Penmon point on the island of Anglesey off the north wales coast ,  a long exposure image first to blur the sea , the sun was immediately behind me so was very difficult to prevent either my shadow or tripod in the foreground of the shot.

                    The dogs were playing on the beach and i used long lens to shoot Chester :)

                                                                          Having a rest  lol

Lying in wait!

                                           something has caught Mollsters attention :)

We are now going to drive over to the North shore at Llandudno , the sun is getting low in the sky and giving lovely colour on the sand.   only a small part of the beach is dog friendly  and it is quite a busy sunny early February day.

Using 400mm lens and a1 servo on camera to focus track the running dogs , i have managed a series of shots , these are the best of about 100 odd i shot.

                                           Terrible Twosome having fun with the ball

                                                                      Mad Spaniel :D

                                                                  Running full speed!

After an enjoyable time on the beach, its now time for Sunset shots from the top of the Great Orme.
unfortunately its not going to be a good one

                 Really like this Atmospheric image of light shining through the low misty cloud :)

                                                                The end of a great day

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